February Favourites

February has just flown by! It’s been a busy month with moving out, my parents and husband being away in Italy and work… there’s been lots going on! So they’ll definitely be some random favourites for this month but I hope you’ll like them just the same 🙂


Ovia Fertility App. I have been obsessed with this app this month. Joel and I are trying for a baby and this is a great app to keep track of your periods, fertile window and note any other unusual womanly symptoms. Even if we weren’t TTC (trying to conceive) it’s a good way to get an idea of your cycle each month. I feel the older I’m getting the more I want to understand my body and there’s great apps out there to help you.


Batiste Dry Shampoo. I’ve had a can of the original dry shampoo for a while and everytime I use it I always get grey hair and it’s so obvious it’s not been washed but sprayed with good ol’ Batiste. My hair isn’t very blonde but it’s bright enough for dry shampoo to be noticeable, so I thought I would try out the Brilliant Blonde can and its been brilliant (good choice of brand name there from the marketing team! haha!) It works exactly the same as the original and gives my hair an instant lift if I don’t fancy washing it.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser. I’ve been looking for an ideal cleanser for a while and I hear so many people recommend Liz Earle. I’ve tried it for only a few days and absolutely love the smell and the texture of this cleanser. My skins also feels so soft and fresh afterwards. At the moment, I’m just using this in the evening as my skin is so sensitive, I want to almost ease this into my routine so that I don’t end up with any reactions or breakouts. None so far, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Amber Fillerup Clark. I have followed the Clark family for a while and love watching their little family grow in NYC. Amber usually posts fashion blogs but it’s when she uploads vlogs like this that I love her even more! There’s a few tips that I definitely took away from the video, like a shared calender so you’re on top of you and your partners individual schedules. I also loved the idea of a 30 minute power clean and will definitely do this once we’re all set up in our new house. She’s just so relatable and lovely. She feels like a friend, even though you’ve never met her 🙂

February has been a very boring month really. Aside from moving out and it being my Mum’s 50th birthday, there’s not been time for little treats or to notice anything else of mine as a favourite. I’m so looking forward to March, when the weather will (hopefully) be better and it’s Easter (my favourite time of year)!

Katie ❀

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January Favourites

I really love watching vloggers monthly favourites videos. It’s just so interesting to see what other people have purchased or done and loved in a certain month. I also think it’s a nice way to appreciate and note down items and activities you’ve enjoyed. So, here is my first favourites post of 2016! 😀

Cath Kidston 2016 Diary.jpg

Cath Kidston 2016 Diary. My January would not be complete without a diary and this Cath Kidston diary is super cute! It’s got lots of space under the dates of the week on every left-hand page and then space on the right to jot down any notes. The back of the diary also has an address book, birthdays and important dates, travel planning (where I’ve noted down all the places Joel and I want to visit this year), to do and shopping lists and lots of notes pages. It fits in my bag easily, is flexible and covered well so I don’t get worried about it being ruined. It’s been the perfect organisational tool for my blog writing and weekly date night planning.

Ganni Pink Jumper.jpg

Ganni Claudia Knit Jumper in Rose Dawn. I had seen Anna Saccone wearing this jumper in one of her videos (Winter Sales Haul) and it looked so gorgeous on her I just had to buy it. It was £60 in the sale which is way more than I would usually spend on a jumper but I’m really glad I did because I have lived in this all January! It’s so soft and cosy that you could wear lounging around the house but also with the nigh neck and quality of the fabric I wear into the office with skinny jeans and it looks really nice as a smart/casual outfit.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.jpg

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. I can happily say this has been a lovely addition to my make-up routine, which was already very simple so hasn’t impacted my mornings too much! I did buy a few new items of make-up but had decided that this is the one I had used every day without fail since purchasing. I plop a little bit of this concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. It goes a long way in covering up any dark circles and scars.

Yoga Camp.jpg

Yoga Camp by Yoga with Adriene. I had set an intention in December to commit to a daily yoga practice but unfortunately life got in the way a little and I haven’t been sticking to it as best as I could have done. However, I have completed Yoga Camp on the occasional days in January and it’s been amazing. Adriene just captivates you and makes yoga fun! Every time I follow one of her videos I instantly feel better and at ease. I recommend the videos to my family and work colleagues all the time and will be catching up on the videos I missed throughout February.

Kate Murnane.jpg

Kate Murnane aka. Dollybowbow. I thought I would finish off my post with a blogger that has inspired me in January and that is (a fellow) Katie. We are so similar! She is from Kent, we buy all the same stuff (not joking… 80% of the items in her January favourites I have bought at some point also) and her boyfriend isn’t around on some Saturdays because he plays football and it throws all of your weekend plans out the window (I can totally relate… it’s Rugby for Joel). I find her vlogs so nice to watch and found myself on a Sunday this month tucked up in bed watching all of her recent videos. I especially loved her candid birth story video, it had me chuckling out loud and at that point I found her really endearing. I will definitely be staying updated on how Kate and her cute family are getting on in 2016.

Katie ❀

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