Learning Italian

Ciao bello! I love learning a new language but like so many others just can’t give it the time and dedication it needs to imbed in my mind.

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish since I was a little girl. I spent up to 6 weeks in Spain every Summer for around 10 years and if I stayed out there long enough again, I’m sure the language would come back to me.

My husband has been learning Spanish on Duolingo for almost a year and absolutely loves it. He’s picked up the basics really quickly and is now on to more advanced learning. I downloaded the app to my iPhone to join in on the fun of learning Spanish again but felt that actually it would be lovely to explore a new language and then chose Italian!

Duolingo is a fantastic app that allows you to learn a new language at your own pace. If you have a competitive spirit, the ‘streak’ that counts how many days you have consecutively practiced the language is especially great! I really love that the app is so convenient when out and about every day but that you can also log in on their site at a computer and complete a daily practice there too.

I’ve been to Italy a few times already; visiting Rome, Florence and Venice. It’s an amazing place full of beautiful and dark history. I would love to visit again next year so I can put all I have learnt in to practice.

They say Italian is the most romantic language in the world and now I know why. This is my favourite quote:

Il dolce far niente – The sweetness of doing nothing

Katie ❀

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Something I Struggle With

This is the a big one that I know most of us struggle with and that is…

The avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones, thus putting off impending tasks to a later time.

Yep. This pretty much sums me up! 😄 I sit on my sofa most nights knowing the kitchen needs cleaning or a load of washing needs to be done and I tell myself “oh I’ll just do it later…” So I go back to watching TV and flick through my social media apps countless times.

Later comes and I’m tired so I go to bed. Then when I wake up in the morning I’m so frustrated with myself that the kitchen is a mess! It’s a vicious cycle that I can’t seem to break. I then make excuses to myself over and over again.

I put my procrastination down to being uninspired. For example, our kitchen was constantly a mess and it didn’t “flow” properly (if that makes any sense at all 😂) and the cupboards were so full with junk. So, I spent a day cleaning and reorganising and then I was finally INSPIRED! I cooked our favourite Buckwheat Risotto from Madeleine Shaw’s recipe book, washed up as I went and then still had time to sit and relax with my hubby.

Being inspired and organised completely stops my procrastination. When I’m inspired I just do, I don’t struggle and make excuses for myself. The things I need to get done just happen naturally.

I love this quote ❤️

Something I Struggle With | Katie Stocker

I thought I would struggle with this 30 day writing challenge because the sofa seems much more appealing after a long day at work but because I’ve been loving it so much, I just automatically switch on my iMac and start writing my little heart out. It energises me and I love it!

Katie ❀

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