5 Places I Would Love To Visit

The Hawaiian Islands
Hawaii’s magnificent landscapes and culture speaks for itself. My favourite TV show is Lost and I always envisioned I would visit Hawaii someday but to imagine myself on one of these islands seems to feel more like a dream and never a potential reality.

The beautiful cliff faces, waterfalls, rivers, sunsets… Yosemite has it all. I would give anything to walk amongst the trees that Ansel Adams used to sit under and capture his incredible photography. It seems like such a special place to me and one day I hope to visit.

New Zealand
I really love my landscapes (as you can probably tell by now) and New Zealand is top of my list for a trip one day. The photos I see of this country are breathtaking and I’d love to be able to explore the Lord of the Rings locations.

This place just seems other-worldly to me. It’s no wonder movies use Iceland to portray a apocalyptic world. It’s so haunting, mysterious and barren that people always ask me why I would want to go there. The answer is because there’s no other place like it on Earth.

Lake Como
A beautiful place in Italy that I am dying to visit someday! I mean just look at that view… it speaks for itself. Simply perfect.

What a completely beautiful world we live in. It was so nice to take this time out and look for gorgeous photos of places I would love to visit someday. All I see in the news is hatred and destruction but this life doesn’t have to be like that. The world is perfectly imperfect and it’s our job to protect it from ourselves.

Katie ❀

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