My Christmas Wish List

I love a wish list! I try and keep mine up to date throughout the year, so that it’s not a panic for my family when they want to buy some pressies. I find Pinterest is a great place to do this!


2017 Appointment Wall Calendar
I’m in love with this calendar by Rifle Paper Co. It was in the sale on Black Friday and I may have already purchased it as a gift for myself! 😏 I’m determined to be super organised next year and not let stress and anxiety overwhelm me ever again.



Poetic Blooms Stud Earrings
These earrings are absolutely beautiful! My mum and I went in to Pandora a few weeks ago and we found these beauties and I fell in love with them. Would love love love these!


Eat Smart by Niomi Smart
Niomi Smart’s new cookbook looks so great. I’m very tempted to go vegan after having fertility and stress struggles, just to try it and see if I feel healthier in body and mind. She always looks glowing and happy. The recipes look easy to make and not many ingredients will need to be sourced online. For me, I prefer cooking by following a cookbook so this is definitely one I would use a lot.


Clinique Moisture Surge
I pop in to see our local Clinique lady every so often. She is always so helpful and reassuring when it comes to what is important for your skin. She recommended 100% their Moisture Surge product. It nourishes your skin so deeply and is especially important in the winter months. They also have a Clinique wish list so that the husband can just walk in, let them know my email address and any products I’ve tried and loved are there for the picking.


Beats Wireless Headphones & iPhone 7 Plus
Okay first of all, I am so not going to get these from anyone! 😂 They’re ridiculously expensive but look how cute they both are! I’ve wanted some Beats headphones for ages but these range up to around £300, so will still have to be a dream purchase of mine. I also would love a new iPhone plus in rose gold as well. There’s something about the bigger iPhones now that just look a lot better than the standard. Which I thought I would never say!


HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer
I had just seen this in Zoella’s What’s in my Bag vlog and love it! I recently bought myself a new Erin Condren Life Planner and to be able to print and stick my own pictures in it would be amazing. I do have a polaroid though that I know I can use instead. That was great for our wedding but to have good quality photos printed as well would be a great purchase.


Rosie for Autograph Eau du Parfum 
I absolutely love this perfume and had just run out, so would love a larger bottle to last me throughout the next year. It’s so light and fresh without smelling heavy and girly (if that makes sense?! 😄)


Leaf Nature by Bellabeat
I’ve always liked the idea of having a Fitbit but my wrists are so small and I know I wouldn’t use it to it’s full potential by wearing it all the time. The Bellabeat health tracker is a sleep, activity and reproductive health monitor. It’s a smart piece of jewellery that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clipped to an item of clothing, which for me is a great idea!


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
I would love to live a more creative life. I’ve always loved art, photography and writing but fear has always kept me back. I know this book has helped others manifest a more creative life for themselves and I would love to join the club.

Katie ❀

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Words of Wisdom

I absolutely love my Words of Wisdom board on Pinterest. Any time I’ve had a bad day, I will go on there and just read the lovely inspirational quotes. Here’s a few that speak to me right now ♡

I especially love the Andy Rooney quote. Find the joy in the little things and be grateful even just for a meal, a nap and the shoes on your feet. Find the joy in every moment of your life and not just the big events.

Katie ❀

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New Home Inspiration

We are finally home owners!!! 🏡✨❤️📦🔑

It’s been a long time since we put in an offer on our house and after months of signing documents, chasing solicitors and saving for our deposit we have finally got the keys! Typically though, we aren’t ready to move in just yet. Joel is currently away in Italy working during the Rugby Six Nations and I didn’t really want to do any moving without him so in the meantime, I have been gathering inspiration for our new home!

I’ve created a New Home Inspiration mood board on Pinterest (of course!) and thought I would share a couple of photos on my blog.

Spare Room/Office


We will be using our spare room as an office for now as both Joel and I work from home on occasions; I want to get this looking really smart and fresh. At the moment the room is a very garish yellow, so we’ll be starting off painting it a bright white. It’ll then feel like a blank canvas and once we’ve lived in it for a while, we can then decide if we want to mix it up.


I really like pinks and whites but (as any ladies out there will know) sometimes, living with a boy, we have to compromise! I’m hoping I’ll decorate it nicely and Joel will just like it when it’s all cosy and completed.


I’m not crazy about the wall colour in the photo above but I do like the colour and organisation of the folders and also the frame layout on the wall.


I can really imagine the final look of our office looking like this! Once we save up enough money, we will definitely be investing in a good carpet or lovely hardwood floors.



Our new home was built in the 1970’s and is a little dated in terms of cupboards and tiles. We’ll definitely be re-vamping them before we move all of our stuff in. I’m literally just going to paint the cupboards white and my mum is a pro at tiling. This photo looks exactly how I’d love the kitchen to look in the meantime. I think long term we’d invest in re-building the entire kitchen but for now, you have to make the most with what you got!


I love how effective the bunting and plants look. As we’ll be painting the majority of the room white, these will be lovely little additions of colour.


Shh… my parents have bought Joel a new coffee machine for our new home and I love the way you can lay out a little coffee station.


I love the blinds in this photo. They make a kitchen look so cosy!


Okay, so I looked up SMEG fridges and they’re like £900-£2,000… Really, this photo is just inspiration for a nice white fridge! I really like the addition of a chalkboard too.


This justifies for me that white kitchen cupboards are the way forward. They make a room like so bright and fresh which is exactly the look we’re going for.



Our bathroom is super tiny and doesn’t have any windows. However, it is in a great condition and the extractor fan must be working wonders. Like every room though, I just want to put our stamp on the place. The room needs brightening up, so we’re going to invest in some spotlights and a new floor for now.


I really like the idea of a beach decor for the bathroom. Whites and teal/duck egg blue.



A bedroom really is a sacred place. You spend a lifetime asleep so it’s important for us that we invest in a good bed and furniture. Luckily, the room comes with a built in cupboard and chest of drawers. They (like everything in the house) need a bit of paint but other than that it will be an easy room for us to love. I again, really want the room to be white and then we can add colour by adding different bed covers and pictures on the walls.


I cannot wait to have our wedding photos in frames and dotted around the house. They’re so beautiful I just want to show them off. You pay all that money for a great photographer after all!


Lots of pretty cushions are a must. I just want the bedroom looking cosy and inviting for Joel and I after a long day at work.

Living Room/Hallway


The living room (in my opinion) is the most important room of any home. It’s what your visitors will see first, you’ll spend most of your time chatting and watching television there and for us espeically, we also will be eating here on a dining table too. It’s a nice size space so we can do a lot with it. I loved the inspiration here with the photo frames, cushions and throws. It looks super cosy and inviting.


We have a little hallway that I want to put some tables against. We can just add accents to these to make it extra cosy and smart.


On a final note, we want to make our house fun! I have all these organisational tips on my other Pinterest board Home Organisation and as we are moving into a small home, space savers on here will be essential for us.

This will be mine and Joel’s first home as husband and wife and I can’t wait for our journey to finally begin. So, I leave you with this beautiful quote that we love and will be framing in our hallway.

Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate. And if we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss. Love grows best in houses just like this.

Katie ❀

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