We Got A New Kitchen!

After months of planning and organising, we finally have a new and improved kitchen! 🙌🏼 🖤 ✨ We’re so excited to have the main part of this project completed after waiting for soooo long!

When we bought our house back in February last year, we knew it needed some serious TLC! So before we even fully moved in we painted all the walls white, scrubbed every surface clean and did some odd jobs here and there. I just wanted a blank canvas! Rooms where we could add pops of colour and then once we knew what style we liked best, go from there.

For the kitchen, we had this idea that it’d be really easy to just paint the cupboards, replace the tiles and the handles etc but quickly realised that there was not going to be an “easy fix” on this room like the others.



The cupboards made everything smell really bad… like an old smell… side note: my husband has always said I have the nose of a bloodhound so that might just be me! 😂 The sink was always easily stained and no amount of bleach would clean it properly, two of the burners on the hob didn’t work, the inside of the oven caught fire once (yep. very scary) and we had little to no space for everything. It was just… not good 🙈 We really wanted a new space to cook our meals easily, not spend so much time washing up and honestly just put our stamp on a house we have grown to love!



As you can see it’s completely different and we love it!!! The amount of grey definitely took me a few days to get used to! We moved the fridge over to the left slightly to give ourselves more worktop space and having an in-built microwave has helped with that massively too. The induction hob is amazing! No more getting the knobs fixed every other month because they got stuck and we have so much more cupboard space it’s crazy! Dare I say we almost have too much space now… I need to go shopping! 🛒 *ignore the missing door… we’re waiting on the correct hinges!

We designed and bought everything with B&Q. In hindsight to save some extra cash we could have bought bits and bobs in other places for less however, for the sake of convenience it was absolutely fine. My only advice to others would be to prepare the top things you would like in your design and stick to them; don’t be afraid to say if you’e not happy and have as many meetings as you need!

We went in with the main focus being a dishwasher. Obviously we wanted it to look great but a dishwasher was the ultimate ‘Kitchen-Goals’! The designer told us on a number of occasions this couldn’t be done as the space was too small. Now either he gave up too easily or we didn’t push enough that this was something we really would love! Long story short… our brother-in-law came over one night, measured everything up for us and proved it could be done! Not by the sink as usual but on the other side! (I hate to be dramatic but you saved our marriage, Tim. 😝)

Replacing the old with the new took a little over a week! Living in a complete mess wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I just kept thinking how great it will be when it’s all finished and how cool it is we get to do this! Extremely grateful and feeling very much like an adult right now that’s for sure!

We’ve now just got to get some blinds and I’m going to be adding in some nice subtle colours. I love the pinks but need to get Joel on board… general consensus has been that pink and grey are a winner, so I think he’s going to be over-ruled on this one! 😉 I also don’t hate the wood effect with the grey too, I thought maybe we’d have to replace most things but it looks like it’s working really well for now. I don’t know… I’m not really the best with designing things but learning as I go! Pinterest has helped a lot!

So there you have it, our new kitchen! Now I just can’t wait for Joel to get back from Ireland! (yep. He missed the whole thing) He is definatley a better cook than me, so looking forward to all the yummy meals he’ll be making 👏🏼

We also had our garden done up a few months ago and I’ll do a separate post showing you before and after soon! It’s so much better than before and another space of the house we are absolutely loving! 🌸🌿 So exciting when it all comes together!

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Summer Love

There’s a storm outside our house in Spain right now, so I thought I’d give a quick round up of some of my Instagram posts over the past few months! ☀️

I love summers in Spain and this year I’ve had two trips away here! So lucky to be able to travel. It’s not often that I do these days, so any time it happens I am very excited to get a change of scenery and perspective. Oh and who am I kidding… a much needed tan!

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Thousands of feet above the Earth! The clouds look like the ocean! 🌊

This is mine and Joel’s first holiday together (just the two of us) since our honeymoon in November 2015! Actually being in each others company 24/7 is the best. Even in moments of silence like right now as I write this 😄… it’s just what we needed! We’re only 4 days in with another week to go but already I feel totally relaxed and inspired!

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This is Venta Lanuza! My parents bought a house here 15 or so years ago and at the time it had a modest little beach, with a shabby local bar and an old rickety train that loudly rumbled past every hour. But now, it’s growing in popularity as the years go by! The little beach is inundated by locals and tourists alike. It’s beach bar hosts musicians and entertainers on a daily basis (even a wedding a few years back!). That old train is now a convenient tram line that runs all the way along the Costa Blanca making it extremely easy getting where you need to go without the hassle of a car. Coming back after all these years has made me realise why my parents love it here so much and brought back a lot of nostalgia from my childhood. I’m hoping we’ll come back here every year now, even if just for a long weekend away!

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I love these photos of my sister and I! Jumping for joy and not a care in the world… even with the whole beach watching our many failed attempts! 😝

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Who doesn’t LOVE a tree swing?! At a wedding! On the hottest day of the year! #bliss

Not only have I been visiting Spain this summer but there’s been a lot of weddings! All beautiful and different in their own ways. Feeling very blessed to have amazing friends in all areas of our lives.

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I also ticked off visiting Windsor Castle from the bucket list! If you don’t already know, I love visiting old castles and houses (poor Joel 😂) so this was a big one for me as its the Queen’s official residence and full of so much history. Maybe I’ll do a future post about the places we’ve been to… will have to dig out some old photos!

Well, that’s a little round up for now! The sun’s finally made an appearance after hours of stormy weather, so we’re off to sit outside and soak in all the Vitamin D! ☀️☀️☀️☀️

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Instagram Love

I had kind of neglected my Instagram for a while. I was never happy with its style and the fact that if I put up too many pictures, I thought it would bother other people. Then one day I realised I really shouldn’t care about what other people think!

If I want to put up thousands of photos from my day or trips away, then I will. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I think I’m okay at it, so why not show it off and give it the love it deserves! 😍

So then I thought I would do a round up of my favourite photographs for my blog and just explain a little about them and what they mean to me.

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The one that started it all!

I was driving into work and it was a gorgeous fresh morning. I saw the sun rising all the way and knew there was somewhere I could stop and get a good photo.

I love how the start of a new day is so special and to capture it was beautiful.

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These two photos are of Noosa… my new most favourite place in the entire world!

My Mum and I had the best day here and captured some lovely moments. We woke up in Byron Bay for breakfast, travelled to Noosa, had ice cream, walked the National Park for hours, watched the sun go down and then had a riverside dinner with fireworks!

It was the best, funniest, loveliest day ever and what made it better was it was completely unplanned and spontaneous. Beautiful memories with my Mum. ❤️

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Byron Bay was the place I was looking forward to the most. I’d followed so many instagrammers that live here and knew it was a special place.

We had a great few days exploring and just soaking in the hippie vibe. Everyone was so cool… it was crazy. We saw whales for the first time! My Mum was so excited! Albeit, they were far away and she’d see them closer in Sydney a week later. I met Tuula Vintage and Melissa Findley on Wategos Beach after literally talking about them non-stop for days and moments before. That was pretty hilarious and amazing! To just stand by the infamous Byron Bay Lighthouse was enough for me but we did so much more then I ever expected.

I’m so grateful to capture beautiful sunrises outside my own front door but this Byron Bay one was extremely special to me! We woke up super early, along with many others and just basked in the rising sun of a new day. Incredible.

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My final one is BONDI!

It was a really windy day and quite cold but we sat outside in the Icebergs Club anyway, drinking cider and watching the surfers. I love any photos of the ocean and its waves. They look like paintings to me.

✨ Wow, I’m really reminiscing! I must do blog posts about the entire trip before I forget everything! ✨

I hope you enjoy! Check out my Instagram whenever you get a chance. I’ll be updating it a lot more often!

Katie ❀

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My Christmas Wish List

I love a wish list! I try and keep mine up to date throughout the year, so that it’s not a panic for my family when they want to buy some pressies. I find Pinterest is a great place to do this!


2017 Appointment Wall Calendar
I’m in love with this calendar by Rifle Paper Co. It was in the sale on Black Friday and I may have already purchased it as a gift for myself! 😏 I’m determined to be super organised next year and not let stress and anxiety overwhelm me ever again.



Poetic Blooms Stud Earrings
These earrings are absolutely beautiful! My mum and I went in to Pandora a few weeks ago and we found these beauties and I fell in love with them. Would love love love these!


Eat Smart by Niomi Smart
Niomi Smart’s new cookbook looks so great. I’m very tempted to go vegan after having fertility and stress struggles, just to try it and see if I feel healthier in body and mind. She always looks glowing and happy. The recipes look easy to make and not many ingredients will need to be sourced online. For me, I prefer cooking by following a cookbook so this is definitely one I would use a lot.


Clinique Moisture Surge
I pop in to see our local Clinique lady every so often. She is always so helpful and reassuring when it comes to what is important for your skin. She recommended 100% their Moisture Surge product. It nourishes your skin so deeply and is especially important in the winter months. They also have a Clinique wish list so that the husband can just walk in, let them know my email address and any products I’ve tried and loved are there for the picking.


Beats Wireless Headphones & iPhone 7 Plus
Okay first of all, I am so not going to get these from anyone! 😂 They’re ridiculously expensive but look how cute they both are! I’ve wanted some Beats headphones for ages but these range up to around £300, so will still have to be a dream purchase of mine. I also would love a new iPhone plus in rose gold as well. There’s something about the bigger iPhones now that just look a lot better than the standard. Which I thought I would never say!


HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer
I had just seen this in Zoella’s What’s in my Bag vlog and love it! I recently bought myself a new Erin Condren Life Planner and to be able to print and stick my own pictures in it would be amazing. I do have a polaroid though that I know I can use instead. That was great for our wedding but to have good quality photos printed as well would be a great purchase.


Rosie for Autograph Eau du Parfum 
I absolutely love this perfume and had just run out, so would love a larger bottle to last me throughout the next year. It’s so light and fresh without smelling heavy and girly (if that makes sense?! 😄)


Leaf Nature by Bellabeat
I’ve always liked the idea of having a Fitbit but my wrists are so small and I know I wouldn’t use it to it’s full potential by wearing it all the time. The Bellabeat health tracker is a sleep, activity and reproductive health monitor. It’s a smart piece of jewellery that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clipped to an item of clothing, which for me is a great idea!


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
I would love to live a more creative life. I’ve always loved art, photography and writing but fear has always kept me back. I know this book has helped others manifest a more creative life for themselves and I would love to join the club.

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Highs & Lows From September

This blog has been a massive high! It’s made me take time out from my day and just stop to think about each post. Opening myself up on the internet is sometimes a scary thought. I’ve definitely had moments where I think I should make it private or change my name to something more creative so people I know don’t find me. But you know what… at the moment, I’ll be okay if someone I know asks me about my blog. Sure… I’ll more than likely be a little embarrassed but I enjoy writing about my life and others have enjoyed reading about it.

I witnessed one of my best friends get married and was so honoured to be her bridesmaid. We went to London to see the Harry Potter play. It was mine and Joel’s first year anniversary! It was a month full of love.

The only low points have just been ones created in my head. I trust the wait and embrace the uncertainty.

Grateful for this beautiful month of new beginnings and will continue to have faith in myself.

30 Day Writing Challenge Complete! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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My Goals For The Next Month

I’ve loved this September but now the seasons are changing and Autumn is almost here, there’s certainly some goals I would like to achieve in October:

Love my Blog
I definitely have some ideas in mind for future blog posts and hope to work on one or even two every weekend and publish them in the week. Daily blogging has been a great achievement for me (as I rarely stick to anything!) but it’s been hard work keeping up towards the end as my personal life’s been a bit busy.

Eat Healthily
I will learn to cook healthy meals and stick to a routine that works for me.

Harry Potter Book Marathon
I want to have read all the Harry Potter books by the end of the year! Just finished Philosophers Stone… wish me luck!

Yoga & Meditation
I will keep up with my yoga and meditation schedule.

Stay True to Myself
I’m getting a few bad vibes lately and I want to be sure not to let any outside influence affect who I am. Advice from others is always treasured by me but I know who I am and what kind of person I want to be in this life.

Let Go
I’m not too old and it’s not too late. TTC is hard work. Mentally and physically I’m drained this month as we’ve not had the outcome we so desire. So we keep going, we keep trying but the magic is slowly dimming. I know we’ll bring it back and today is just a low point. I have to learn to let go and remember that what will be, will be.

Update: I’m going to learn Italian! 🇮🇹

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Things That Makes Me Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine and luckily I find it everywhere I go.

I love funny Twitter pages and when someone can laugh at themselves when they’ve just done something silly. I could watch endless episodes of You’ve Been Framed on a Saturday evening and re-watch all my favourite vines before bed. Play fighting is the best and even though I hate being tickled, it does make me giggle.

I will laugh at inappropriate times and when someone tells a really bad joke because I’m just socially awkward that way. I laugh when I’m scared and when I tell the truth (then people think I’m lying but I’m not I swear 😂).

The best laughs I’ve ever had, have always been with my family.

Katie ❀

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