Hello, 2018!

Hello, 2018! We’re already a month in and so far I’m loving it! Except for the weather; we need a lot more sunshine! There’s been lots of changes this year already because I’m determined to make it an unforgettable one!

Towards the end of 2017, I made the decision to go vegan. I’d like to say it happened gradually over a long period of time as I had intended but it was so easy to make the change that it pretty much happened overnight! I’m loving every day of being vegan and creating new recipes. My insta-story is full of photos and videos of my meals now because I love sharing that you can be healthy and have a well-balanced diet without meat! I’ll save my reasons for going vegan for another time but just know, I’m so happy and feeling great.

In December, I wasn’t looking for a new job because I really liked what I was doing but one day I just went on the internal jobs search and there was a position for a Personal Assistant. I’ve wanted to be a PA for so long because I knew it would a role I would be really great at but every time I’ve always had self-doubt because of my lack of experience and qualifications in that area. I thought, you know what, I have nothing to lose by applying so I took each day as it came and towards the end of December found out that I got the job! I’m now 2 weeks in… crazy busy… a to do list the size of my arm… and loving every second!!! I thrive in busy environments and it’s something I really missed from my old role. I can finally say, I have a career and I’m so excited for this new chapter in my work life!

In November, we had been TTC for 2 years. It was bittersweet, reflecting on our honeymoon in Mauritius and then thinking that if we’d have gotten pregnant we’d have a 1 year old here right now. After several tests and hospital appointments, there’s nothing “wrong” with us which does fill us with confidence that this could be the year! I mean statistics are on our side! We’re mostly feeling positive about everything and in a much better place than we were this time last year, so really… everything happens for a reason!

So far, I am on day 15 of my daily meditations and can’t tell you how proud I am of that! I’ve challenged myself to complete one for 365 days straight. Some days, I can only commit to 2 minutes and other times 10 but either way, it’s time dedicated for me and creating space in my mind for gratitude.

So there are some things going on with me that I am taking into 2018! I’m also looking for a new car, completing a one second video everyday, changing up my Instagram, we’re getting new carpets (exciting!) and we have a trip to Norway in April!

I’m taking it easy blog-wise because my life is pretty full at the moment but I would love to commit to putting up a new post every Sunday… there I’ve said it now… so watch this space! 🖤



Comparison really is the thief of joy.

There is always someone out there who in your mind, is doing “life” a thousand times better than you. They look better, write better, have a better job, better house, better… well… everything! You can get so caught up in others lives that you never stop and reflect on your own incredible one!

I can always count on Pinterest for some words of wisdom ♡


Don’t be hard on yourself and learn to be gracious of others successes. Maybe even ask them how they got to where they are! It could be path that’s been waiting for you to explore!

Most of all remember that everyone is on their own unique journey in life. No two are the same and that makes you realise how special we can all individually be.

Love, Katie ♡
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Music Fixes Everything

I’ve been having a mild panic attack all night because I set out this time to write a couple of blog posts and completely failed!

My mind went blank, I was hyper-ventilating, shaking, calm music went on, it got annoying, I did some weird breathing techniques I practiced in yoga the other day, I stretched it out, I made tea, tea let me down… so I got a glass of wine… which I never do! I’m in desperate need of help! 🙈

 I put on a happy music playlist and my mood completely changed!

Isn’t it amazing how music changes your perception of reality in an instant?!
Okay, wine probably helps but you get my point. 

Sometimes evenings are wasted, they don’t go to plan, you lose it and you know what… it’s okay! I really have to remind myself that I am enough and I can write about whatever the hell I like, whenever the hell I like and tonight it’s about a music playlist that got me out of my funk!!! 😂

I want to be unashamedly me and live my life to the fullest. It’s taking time and I’m getting there. I have so many plans over the next few months that are pushing me out of my comfort zone! I’m so looking forward to them and just keep telling myself to hold it together – I got this!

I want and am going to make positive changes in my life. I know I’m meant for more but until then… I’ll keep singing 🎶

Katie ❀

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Love & Light

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

I feel like these are dark times.

I find myself sat at the computer for hours trying to find the right words to write. I get angry and upset and just leave it for another day.

Perhaps my blog isn’t the right space for this? What type of place do I want this to be for a reader and most of all myself?

What I’ve had courage enough to write so far is that I’ve never been directly affected by the events that have happened in the UK over the last few months but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Westminster Bridge. Manchester Arena. London Bridge. Borough Market. Grenfell Tower. How many more times will I wake up in tears?

There are terrible events happening all over the world and when those in power say they will protect you, it’s hard to carry on as normal and stay silent.

Love & light will carry us forward and conquer all, I know that much but we must rise up out of the darkness.

I know writing this won’t change things overnight; it will take time and lots of it. I just hope the world doesn’t go mad before we get there.

Katie ❀

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My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! ⭐️

I hope your Christmas break was a happy and blessed one. It’s hard to believe it’s been a full 365 days since my very first blog post! It was exciting, new and a massive accomplishment for me to open my heart to the internet. I’ll be honest, 2016 could have been better in a lot of ways but I can’t dwell on the negatives. I won’t… not anymore. New year, new me and all that!

My resolutions can sometimes be unattainable. I think I only achieved about a quarter of what I had intended last year but hey, life just goes that way sometimes. So this year, I’m trying to be a little more realistic but really sometimes you just have to think BIG… so let’s get to it!

Travel The World
I’d love to say we’ve planned amazing trips to exotic locations but alas, time and money cannot be forgotten. So with that in (constant) mind we’ve settled for a definite summer holiday to Spain, a potential trip to Italy and “the big one” is a huge maybe to Iceland. At the end of the day… this time last year, if you’d have said I’d go on a 3 week trip to Australia, I would have laughed saying it’s impossible. It’s not impossible, anything can happen! LOVE THAT!

Family Are Everything
This is a huge intention for me. My family live in Kent and I live in Southampton, so it’s a good two and a half hour drive if we want to see them. Usually we’re limited to visiting family on special occasions which is generally May and Christmas. I want to change that. I’d love to visit my Nannie and Grandad more especially, at least once a month. If I learnt anything in 2016, it’s that family are everything and you shouldn’t wait to see your loved ones. I missed saying goodbye to someone I loved so much and I have to live with that. I’ve learnt and I won’t make that same mistake again. I’ll make the time this year and carry that into the rest of my life.

Yoga is a dream. I get emotional thinking of how far I’ve come since starting. It’s fulfilled my life so much and I couldn’t imagine now not being a little yogi. I can’t express enough how much I intend to devote this year to being a better person inside and out. Drink more water, eat organic, more sleep, those affirmations… wow. I love this world and would love to share that feeling but you’ve got to discover it for yourself. If you’re reading this, join me in the Revolution… the 31 Days of Yoga! You won’t regret it.

Home Developments
I love our little home so freakin’ much (as if I haven’t said that enough)! It’s the best but it needs a few tweaks here and there… mainly the kitchen. Our “New Year Super Energy (!)” is going into redoing our entire kitchen. I’m going to have so much fun ripping out the old units (if they’ll let me!) Designing our own kitchen is going to be a great project for us and we can’t await to get the ball rolling.

New Little Addition
We’ve decided on a kitten this year for definite! I’ve been given the all clear by the husband who I think… let’s face it… was worn down by me saying I’d love a puppy so badly! (I joke of course! 😜) I love you so much Joel! Thank you for putting up with me and my crazy dreams and pet-broodiness. This intention could totally mean that other thing we all know I’d love more that anything in the world but I’m thinking about what is in my control and right now that isn’t just yet. Watch this space though… 2017 feels like it’s going to be AMAZING!

Katie ❀

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My Top 3 Places To Celebrate Christmas

Even though spending Christmastime at home with family is so lovely and nostalgic, there are places around the world that I would love to visit at this festive time of year! Either for their shopping or amazing views here are my top 3 places (in no particular order as they’re all amazing, of course) ♡

Salzburg, Austria
My parents recently visited Germany and Austria for a short Christmas getaway. Their pictures looked so stunning! The markets, views, architecture makes it the perfect backdrop to get really in the Christmasy mood.

New York, USA
The ultimate Christmas destination! I’d love to walk the streets of New York with it covered in more lights than usual and festive Christmas trees on every corner. To ice skate in Rockefeller Center again and drink Starbucks hot chocolate all day, every day would be a-mazing!

London, UK
With London only being an hour away on the train, we should have visited here already but as the weather has been a bit rubbish and now the mad rush before Christmas has begun, we feel the Christmas trip to this amazing city will have to wait another year. I’d definitely plan a day of shopping along Oxford Street and Convent Garden, a Harrods and Selfridges splurge, whilst taking in the amazing Christmas lights and London’s general beautifulness.

Katie ❀

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Magical Affirmations

December is so magical and wonderful! It’s the greatest time for reflection than any other in the year and today I felt like writing about a little something I’m passionate about.

I love affirmations and read enough books to know that this is a constant theme in the steps to self-love. If you say these affirmations enough, you will believe and become them. Negativity fills so much of our days. We self-deprecate everything we do and don’t acknowledge our full potential.

I try and read an affirmation every morning to really start the day on a high and repeat it constantly whenever my mind begins to wander out of the present moment.

Here are some that I found on The Mala Collectives Pinterest Board ♡


I’ve found you have to be very open minded with affirmations. In today’s society where there is gossip, negativity and harsh realities, repeating these affirmations is where I tell myself that everything’s okay, you’re more than this time, you’re full of so much love and fear will not control you.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve forgotten that lately but will get back on track starting from right now. I also hope you will be enlightened by this post to at least try and see how great you feel!

Katie ❀

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