March Favourites

Where the heck did March go?! The season definitely changed this month from Winter to Spring! We started with colder frosty mornings and now with the clocks going forward we can finally enjoy lighter and warmer evenings! It’s been a busy ol’ month for me but I’m feeling great and like a fresh start has finally begun!

I absolutely loved this months SourcedBox, which is a subscription to receive a box of healthy snacks every month. To name a few, there were these tamari roasted almonds and cacao, chia and blueberry energy balls… but seriously everything in the box was amazing! I think I’ll try and put up a separate review! I’ve also been having lunch at the new Pret in Winchester and am in love with their beetroot, squash and feta salad. It includes pumpkin seeds, spinach, quinoa and so much more! Check out the full recipe here.


I have been loving ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’ on Netflix. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my new favourite hero! The production of the documentary is not only amazing but the context is very thought-provoking regarding the creation of the universe and life on Earth itself but then also about how humans throughout time have been viewing our world and beyond. A must-watch!


Ed Sheeran… on repeat… for most of this month! My favourites of his are definatley ‘Nancy Mulligan’ and ‘New Man’.

I have started to run! I’ve completed 2 parkruns in March and am really proud of myself! I never thought I could run 5k and with a community of like minded people who all cheer you on. It’s a great experience to push your body! So my weekends now revolve around scheduling this into my day. This also goes well with my new obsession… 😜

I purchased a FitBit Charge 2! It was a complete impulse buy a few weeks ago and now I am fully obsessed. It tracks you steps, heart rate, calorie burn etc and then you can also compete with friends and have your calendar events and text messages appear! I wear it all day everyday, apart from Sundays (so I can have a break from obsessing…) and now I have a smart watch, I won’t be going back.

parkrun fitbit

The White Company Seychelles Hand and Nail Cream. I bought this with vouchers from Christmas and it’s now on my desk at all times. It smells amazing!

I’m feeling a little tired at the moment. I started a brand new job at the start of this month and it’s taken a lot of my energy learning lots of new information daily. Don’t get me wrong though it’s a fantastic, challenging experience for me. Couldn’t be happier! What a difference a few months make!

Katie ❀

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