Time For Change

This blog is a secret no longer! I announced on my Twitter this afternoon that katiestocker.com is here and I’m so happy. ☺️


I love writing and have to stop comparing myself to others in every aspect of my life. This is a type of blog I enjoy reading and if others don’t, well that’s okay.

I love this passage from Louise Hay:

Often what we think of as the things “wrong” with us are only our expressions of our own individuality. This is our uniqueness and what is special about us. Nature never repeats itself. Since time began on this planet, there have never been two snowflakes alike or two raindrops the same. And every daisy is different from every other daisy. Our fingerprints are different, and we are different. We are meant to be different. When we can accept this, then there is no competition and no comparison. To try to be like another is to shrivel our soul. We have come to this planet to express who we are. I didn’t even know who I was until I began to learn to love myself as I am in this moment.

You Can Heal Your Life – Page 79

We all have to stop comparing and worrying what others think and just do right by ourselves. I’m learning to love myself more and more one day at a time. So I’ll just keep posting about anything and everything I love and want to write about, regardless! 💖

Katie ❀

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5 Blessings In My Life

Today is mine and Joel’s 1st year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! It feels like yesterday we were enjoying our special day with all our family and friends. I count my lucky stars every day for the life I’m living and here are 5 of my favourite wonderful blessings.

Joel & Katie's Wedding-1511.jpg

My Husband
Wow… I still can’t get used to that. ☺️ He drives me crazy. He’s absolutely bonkers. He’s messy and we have completely different styles but I can honestly say he’s my soulmate. I love him unconditionally and feel so blessed to have found ‘the one’.

My Health
I’m healthy and happy. I have eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk the Earth. If all were taken away, I’d still feel blessed to have pure imagination and my soul.

I have been to some truly amazing places around the world like America, Italy, Australia, Barbados, Spain, France and Mauritius. To experience different places and immerse yourself in their cultures is something I will continue to do and I feel blessed every day that I have the ability to fulfil this desire.

They’re your most important allies and I feel so blessed to have a strong willed, gorgeous and funny family. At every family get-together, I sometimes just like to sit and watch  every one talk so I can take in every moment with them. Some day the amount of people at the dinner table will change and you’ll wish you could have a past moment back again just to have one more time with them. Treasure every moment with your loved ones.

I love our house. It’s bricks, paint and furniture to most but to me… it’s home. It holds so much love right now and one day that love will grow so much stronger that we won’t be able to contain it. I’m so blessed to have my lovely little home.

Katie ❀

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