Our Infertility Journey

Our journey began way back in September 2015. I can’t explain to you how magical it was. We were newly married, blissfully happy, on honeymoon and we were finally trying for a baby! A BABY! Our own little human! Part Joel and part me. It was without a doubt the best time of my life. We were both twenty-five and just knew we were ready to be parents. We’d been ready for a long time.

Time went so slowly those first few months of trying but we kept ourselves busy. In February 2016 we moved into our new house and at the time, I was late on my period. I worried because I was lifting heavy boxes and inhaling paint fumes. I didn’t want to be dramatic but I felt I was pregnant. I remember that time feeling like we’d been trying for ages. Suffice to say, I wasn’t pregnant. If only I knew back then how the long journey ahead would be.

After 6 months of trying and still no baby I stopped drinking alcohol, opted for a heathy diet and started practicing yoga and meditation every day to help me stay calm. My biggest obstacle right now was stress. I regret letting this time affect me so much. I regret not opening up to people more. I regret thinking trying for a baby was some big secret. I regret feeling so angry at anyone who was pregnant and not me. I regret staying put in a job I hated for so long in the hopes I’d “just get pregnant and go on maternity leave.” I’d find myself breaking down at work, watching TV, driving in the car… any thought or mention of a baby was really tough for me to handle at this stage. Looking back, I was really hard on myself and the mean girl in my head was starting to take over.

I had never been pregnant. No miscarriages. Nothing. My cycles either ran exactly on time (28 days) or I’d get the odd few a year that were slightly early or late by 2-3 days. Then there are certain cycles you never forget and June 2016 was the hardest of them all. I was around 10 days late on my period. I had two doctors appointments (crying hysterically in both) and several negative pregnancy tests. My Mum and I were due to go to Australia and I told her I thought I was pregnant (which was a big thing for me) because I had all the symptoms, every… single… one. Except the positive test. We’d be on a long flight and I didn’t want to keep it from her. I hoped I would be okay flying and keep the (non-existent) baby growing inside me but a few hours before we were due to leave, I came on my period. It was the cruelest moment of my life. Not only did it finally show up but it was one of the most painful, heavy ones I’d had since before I was on the pill as a teenager.

It’s hard to really explain it in words. It just feels like a physical punch in the stomach when you see blood after thinking “this could be it.” Every emotion swirled in my head. I felt as if this wasn’t my body. Like it was an invader, determined to not give me what I really wanted for so long. I was doing everything right. Everything. I wasn’t drinking alcohol or smoking. I’d never taken drugs. I was eating right. I was taking the vitamins. I’m a good person. I did everything I was supposed to. Why would my body do this to me. 

I kept thinking maybe this just wasn’t meant to be. Where would I be now if we had got pregnant in 2015? Would we be happy? Am I forcing this? I doubted everything so much. Our mantra became “we go again” and at first it gave us comfort but once we hit the 1 year milestone it lost it’s charm. We had been beaten down.

I started opening up to people a little but if anyone asked me on the spot if we were trying I would instantly say “not yet” and laugh it off. I hated myself for saying that but I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it for fear of making me upset or not wanting them to feel sorry for us. It was the loneliest time of my life. The support we got from family and friends eventually was incredible but no one close to us truly understood and I’m honestly glad they didn’t. I wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone.

Throughout 2016 I’d been to the doctors a couple of times. On the back of any other appointment I would mention to my GP that we were trying without success and like always, they just said that because of our age and the fact we’d been trying for less than a year there was apparently no need to worry. In December 2016, I saw my doctor again and pleaded with him that I be checked out. He finally agreed and I had my very first blood test a week later to check if I was ovulating. The results came back all good, which was amazing and a huge relief but my thyroid and liver then needed to be checked again. So I went back in for another blood test in January 2017. Thyroid all good but this time my liver needed checking one more time to see if it was regenerating properly, so I had to wait until April. All the while… still no pregnancy. All the symptoms every month. All the worry. The unbearable 2-week wait over and over again… but nothing.

I worried and stressed about my test results every time. I googled everything (as you do). Thankfully, my liver was clear. I should have been happy. I was completely healthy but it felt like we were back at square one. I wanted so much for there to be something wrong. I know it’s terrible to say that but it’s how I felt in my confused and heartbroken mind at the time.

Now, it was Joel’s turn. Up until this point we had both assumed it must be me. I took on a lot of the burden. This hasn’t been anyone’s fault, it’s just the assumption you make unfortunately in those early days. He was very anxious about the process of submitting his sperm for analysis but stepped up and his results came back okay, not great, just okay (count 15 million) and we were given no exact reason whatsoever why we couldn’t get pregnant by his doctor. I then had an internal ultrasound scan in September 2017 – on our 2nd wedding anniversary (sigh*) but that was all good as well. We fully became apart of the ‘Unexplained Infertility Club’ and my researching and anxiety went into overdrive.

In late 2017, we took our foot off the accelerator and gave ourselves a break from seeking help. I started a new job which kept me busy, we worked on projects around the house, had nice holidays and lots of weddings. Our lives were full and we were happy again. We even added two lovely cats to the family, which was the best thing we’ve done throughout all the heartache. We love them so much. We of course, kept trying. I learnt more about the ‘Fertility Awareness Method’ and tracked my basal body temperature (BBT) every morning. I went vegan and followed a very strict regime of vitamins. I even started having (stupidly expensive) acupuncture sessions once a week and the specialist became my therapist (whether he liked it or not). I became a walking, talking, self-taught expert on everything fertility. You name it, we tried it in 2017! We had moments of sadness, grief and anger that it still wasn’t happening but looking back, I remember feeling a little more content than in the first year.

I remember thinking at the start of 2018, “this is it, we’re going to have a baby! The odds are in our favour now!” I was very healthy, not stressed and loved my now new job. Everything was good! So I called up the GP and confirmed we were ready for our fertility treatment referral now and you know what, they may as well have laughed in my face… I was a little naive it would be THAT easy. They said that because both our tests were now out of date we’d need to do them all over again. I broke down. I couldn’t believe we’d have to go through what we went through in 2016 all over again. I’d spent a year building myself back up after all that. After more researching and realising the wait and journey would still be long, we started the process to get tested again.

It wasn’t until the June that we got the ball rolling and I had another blood test and Joel provided his second sperm analysis. The results came in and again, I was okay but Joel’s was misdiagnosed as “post-vasectomy” with a count of 10,000 and “0% motility” (the average sperm count is between 40 million and 300 million). Long story short, his sample wasn’t tested until several hours later when it should be immediately for a fertility referral. The hospital confirmed their human error and Joel was called back in for another test. In the August, Joel provided another sample and his now new correct results confirmed “sample is highly viscous (thick) – extremely low sperm concentration (count) and poor motility.” The count was 700,000. We were devastated. No more so than Joel that after all this time it was looking likely that his sperm weren’t the optimal quality and count. I mean, it wasn’t terrible and he was very unwell with extreme food poisoning in South Africa only a few months before which can affect sperm count but for right now, it was an answer (even amongst speculation) and we had to do a lot of soul searching to come to terms with this news. 

At the end of the month, we received a letter confirming our consultation at the hospital for a fertility treatment referral. The only problem was, we had to wait until October which felt like a lifetime away.

On the 15 October 2018 we finally had our initial consultation. I brought along my little notebook in preparation to tell them my cycle length, what my periods were like, my basal body temperature patterns, our health history… I was prepared to fight for some kind of fertility treatment to help us because I had heard so many stories of couples not being able to get funding on the NHS. The consultant called us in and immediatley confirmed Joel and I would need Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), a more advanced type of IVF in order to conceive a baby. She told us the likelihood of conceiving naturally was very slim and the NHS would fund us one round of ICSI and another frozen transfer (FET) should we not have success the first time (depending on if we had more than one embryo to freeze from the first cycle). So there it was, after all this time. After 3 years of trying, we were told this is going to most likely be the only way. I remember feeling so relieved but very sad at the same time.

Joel and I held each other a lot over this time in our lives. Coming to terms with your infertility is heartbreaking. You never once think that having a baby will be hard. It’s instilled in us that it’ll just happen. The amount of times we were told to “just relax”, “have more sex”, “are you sure you’re doing it right” is offensive and I know we are not alone. Relaxing has no affect on people conceiving in war torn countries and if anything, you should have less sex but at the right time in ovulation. People never understood that we tried everything for our baby and the chances for everyone are so different.

We are very different people now. Infertility changes you in ways you couldn’t imagine. I’ve learnt so much about fertility and the creation of life with science. It’s incredible what we can do. I’ve learnt mindfulness, patience, accepting the present moment and that my anger doesn’t define me.

Most of all, I learnt I already had a mother’s heart. I told myself everyday that I may not be carrying a child right now but the moment we decided to bring life into this world we were already parents. Our baby was just waiting for us. Waiting for the right time. I wonder who they will be. I dream that they will be amazing, courageous and beautiful inside and out. That they will learn everything about the world and figure out all of life’s lessons.

They are so loved already. I will cherish every moment with them. Every. Single. Moment.

We never gave up hope. We’re sharing our story now in the hopes it’ll help more people figure all this out too. We know that our years of waiting were not nearly as traumatic as many others around the world. I’m so thankful that I was physically healthy. There was no doubt in my mind I would one day carry a child. It was just how we were going to get there that we found the most difficult. Like all IVF journey’s, it wasn’t easy sailing. It was the most challenging thing we’ve ever done, not only the physical for me but the mental for us both. We knew, whatever the outcome, we were ready for this next chapter of our lives.

P.S. I anonymously wrote all about our journey on a separate Instagram account – @mother.heart.ivf – which gave me a huge amount of comfort during this time. I would recommend anyone going through a similar experience to reach out and join a community of like minded people. They are part of the process that brought me out of darkness. It’s also so lovely to look back on and see how far we’ve come.

Hello, 2018!

Hello, 2018! We’re already a month in and so far I’m loving it! Except for the weather; we need a lot more sunshine! There’s been lots of changes this year already because I’m determined to make it an unforgettable one!

Towards the end of 2017, I made the decision to go vegan. I’d like to say it happened gradually over a long period of time as I had intended but it was so easy to make the change that it pretty much happened overnight! I’m loving every day of being vegan and creating new recipes. My insta-story is full of photos and videos of my meals now because I love sharing that you can be healthy and have a well-balanced diet without meat! I’ll save my reasons for going vegan for another time but just know, I’m so happy and feeling great.

In December, I wasn’t looking for a new job because I really liked what I was doing but one day I just went on the internal jobs search and there was a position for a Personal Assistant. I’ve wanted to be a PA for so long because I knew it would a role I would be really great at but every time I’ve always had self-doubt because of my lack of experience and qualifications in that area. I thought, you know what, I have nothing to lose by applying so I took each day as it came and towards the end of December found out that I got the job! I’m now 2 weeks in… crazy busy… a to do list the size of my arm… and loving every second!!! I thrive in busy environments and it’s something I really missed from my old role. I can finally say, I have a career and I’m so excited for this new chapter in my work life!

In November, we had been TTC for 2 years. It was bittersweet, reflecting on our honeymoon in Mauritius and then thinking that if we’d have gotten pregnant we’d have a 1 year old here right now. After several tests and hospital appointments, there’s nothing “wrong” with us which does fill us with confidence that this could be the year! I mean statistics are on our side! We’re mostly feeling positive about everything and in a much better place than we were this time last year, so really… everything happens for a reason!

So far, I am on day 15 of my daily meditations and can’t tell you how proud I am of that! I’ve challenged myself to complete one for 365 days straight. Some days, I can only commit to 2 minutes and other times 10 but either way, it’s time dedicated for me and creating space in my mind for gratitude.

So there are some things going on with me that I am taking into 2018! I’m also looking for a new car, completing a one second video everyday, changing up my Instagram, we’re getting new carpets (exciting!) and we have a trip to Norway in April!

I’m taking it easy blog-wise because my life is pretty full at the moment but I would love to commit to putting up a new post every Sunday… there I’ve said it now… so watch this space! 🖤

We Got A New Kitchen!

After months of planning and organising, we finally have a new and improved kitchen! 🙌🏼 🖤 ✨ We’re so excited to have the main part of this project completed after waiting for soooo long!

When we bought our house back in February last year, we knew it needed some serious TLC! So before we even fully moved in we painted all the walls white, scrubbed every surface clean and did some odd jobs here and there. I just wanted a blank canvas! Rooms where we could add pops of colour and then once we knew what style we liked best, go from there.

For the kitchen, we had this idea that it’d be really easy to just paint the cupboards, replace the tiles and the handles etc but quickly realised that there was not going to be an “easy fix” on this room like the others.



The cupboards made everything smell really bad… like an old smell… side note: my husband has always said I have the nose of a bloodhound so that might just be me! 😂 The sink was always easily stained and no amount of bleach would clean it properly, two of the burners on the hob didn’t work, the inside of the oven caught fire once (yep. very scary) and we had little to no space for everything. It was just… not good 🙈 We really wanted a new space to cook our meals easily, not spend so much time washing up and honestly just put our stamp on a house we have grown to love!



As you can see it’s completely different and we love it!!! The amount of grey definitely took me a few days to get used to! We moved the fridge over to the left slightly to give ourselves more worktop space and having an in-built microwave has helped with that massively too. The induction hob is amazing! No more getting the knobs fixed every other month because they got stuck and we have so much more cupboard space it’s crazy! Dare I say we almost have too much space now… I need to go shopping! 🛒 *ignore the missing door… we’re waiting on the correct hinges!

We designed and bought everything with B&Q. In hindsight to save some extra cash we could have bought bits and bobs in other places for less however, for the sake of convenience it was absolutely fine. My only advice to others would be to prepare the top things you would like in your design and stick to them; don’t be afraid to say if you’e not happy and have as many meetings as you need!

We went in with the main focus being a dishwasher. Obviously we wanted it to look great but a dishwasher was the ultimate ‘Kitchen-Goals’! The designer told us on a number of occasions this couldn’t be done as the space was too small. Now either he gave up too easily or we didn’t push enough that this was something we really would love! Long story short… our brother-in-law came over one night, measured everything up for us and proved it could be done! Not by the sink as usual but on the other side! (I hate to be dramatic but you saved our marriage, Tim. 😝)

Replacing the old with the new took a little over a week! Living in a complete mess wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I just kept thinking how great it will be when it’s all finished and how cool it is we get to do this! Extremely grateful and feeling very much like an adult right now that’s for sure!

We’ve now just got to get some blinds and I’m going to be adding in some nice subtle colours. I love the pinks but need to get Joel on board… general consensus has been that pink and grey are a winner, so I think he’s going to be over-ruled on this one! 😉 I also don’t hate the wood effect with the grey too, I thought maybe we’d have to replace most things but it looks like it’s working really well for now. I don’t know… I’m not really the best with designing things but learning as I go! Pinterest has helped a lot!

So there you have it, our new kitchen! Now I just can’t wait for Joel to get back from Ireland! (yep. He missed the whole thing) He is definatley a better cook than me, so looking forward to all the yummy meals he’ll be making 👏🏼

We also had our garden done up a few months ago and I’ll do a separate post showing you before and after soon! It’s so much better than before and another space of the house we are absolutely loving! 🌸🌿 So exciting when it all comes together!

Katie ❀

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Summer Love

There’s a storm outside our house in Spain right now, so I thought I’d give a quick round up of some of my Instagram posts over the past few months! ☀️

I love summers in Spain and this year I’ve had two trips away here! So lucky to be able to travel. It’s not often that I do these days, so any time it happens I am very excited to get a change of scenery and perspective. Oh and who am I kidding… a much needed tan!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Thousands of feet above the Earth! The clouds look like the ocean! 🌊

This is mine and Joel’s first holiday together (just the two of us) since our honeymoon in November 2015! Actually being in each others company 24/7 is the best. Even in moments of silence like right now as I write this 😄… it’s just what we needed! We’re only 4 days in with another week to go but already I feel totally relaxed and inspired!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This is Venta Lanuza! My parents bought a house here 15 or so years ago and at the time it had a modest little beach, with a shabby local bar and an old rickety train that loudly rumbled past every hour. But now, it’s growing in popularity as the years go by! The little beach is inundated by locals and tourists alike. It’s beach bar hosts musicians and entertainers on a daily basis (even a wedding a few years back!). That old train is now a convenient tram line that runs all the way along the Costa Blanca making it extremely easy getting where you need to go without the hassle of a car. Coming back after all these years has made me realise why my parents love it here so much and brought back a lot of nostalgia from my childhood. I’m hoping we’ll come back here every year now, even if just for a long weekend away!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I love these photos of my sister and I! Jumping for joy and not a care in the world… even with the whole beach watching our many failed attempts! 😝

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Who doesn’t LOVE a tree swing?! At a wedding! On the hottest day of the year! #bliss

Not only have I been visiting Spain this summer but there’s been a lot of weddings! All beautiful and different in their own ways. Feeling very blessed to have amazing friends in all areas of our lives.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I also ticked off visiting Windsor Castle from the bucket list! If you don’t already know, I love visiting old castles and houses (poor Joel 😂) so this was a big one for me as its the Queen’s official residence and full of so much history. Maybe I’ll do a future post about the places we’ve been to… will have to dig out some old photos!

Well, that’s a little round up for now! The sun’s finally made an appearance after hours of stormy weather, so we’re off to sit outside and soak in all the Vitamin D! ☀️☀️☀️☀️

Katie ❀

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Love & Light

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

I feel like these are dark times.

I find myself sat at the computer for hours trying to find the right words to write. I get angry and upset and just leave it for another day.

Perhaps my blog isn’t the right space for this? What type of place do I want this to be for a reader and most of all myself?

What I’ve had courage enough to write so far is that I’ve never been directly affected by the events that have happened in the UK over the last few months but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Westminster Bridge. Manchester Arena. London Bridge. Borough Market. Grenfell Tower. How many more times will I wake up in tears?

There are terrible events happening all over the world and when those in power say they will protect you, it’s hard to carry on as normal and stay silent.

Love & light will carry us forward and conquer all, I know that much but we must rise up out of the darkness.

I know writing this won’t change things overnight; it will take time and lots of it. I just hope the world doesn’t go mad before we get there.

Katie ❀

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March Favourites

Where the heck did March go?! The season definitely changed this month from Winter to Spring! We started with colder frosty mornings and now with the clocks going forward we can finally enjoy lighter and warmer evenings! It’s been a busy ol’ month for me but I’m feeling great and like a fresh start has finally begun!

I absolutely loved this months SourcedBox, which is a subscription to receive a box of healthy snacks every month. To name a few, there were these tamari roasted almonds and cacao, chia and blueberry energy balls… but seriously everything in the box was amazing! I think I’ll try and put up a separate review! I’ve also been having lunch at the new Pret in Winchester and am in love with their beetroot, squash and feta salad. It includes pumpkin seeds, spinach, quinoa and so much more! Check out the full recipe here.


I have been loving ‘Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey’ on Netflix. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my new favourite hero! The production of the documentary is not only amazing but the context is very thought-provoking regarding the creation of the universe and life on Earth itself but then also about how humans throughout time have been viewing our world and beyond. A must-watch!


Ed Sheeran… on repeat… for most of this month! My favourites of his are definatley ‘Nancy Mulligan’ and ‘New Man’.

I have started to run! I’ve completed 2 parkruns in March and am really proud of myself! I never thought I could run 5k and with a community of like minded people who all cheer you on. It’s a great experience to push your body! So my weekends now revolve around scheduling this into my day. This also goes well with my new obsession… 😜

I purchased a FitBit Charge 2! It was a complete impulse buy a few weeks ago and now I am fully obsessed. It tracks you steps, heart rate, calorie burn etc and then you can also compete with friends and have your calendar events and text messages appear! I wear it all day everyday, apart from Sundays (so I can have a break from obsessing…) and now I have a smart watch, I won’t be going back.

parkrun fitbit

The White Company Seychelles Hand and Nail Cream. I bought this with vouchers from Christmas and it’s now on my desk at all times. It smells amazing!

I’m feeling a little tired at the moment. I started a brand new job at the start of this month and it’s taken a lot of my energy learning lots of new information daily. Don’t get me wrong though it’s a fantastic, challenging experience for me. Couldn’t be happier! What a difference a few months make!

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International Women’s Day

Bit late to the party I know but I just had to create a quick post and say that I felt totally inspired and empowered this week on International Women’s Day!

I’ve got a lot to learn myself but feel so lucky to live in a country that I believe won’t define me by my gender and gives me the same opportunities as my peers throughout my entire life.

I know others are not as lucky as me. I know that others wouldn’t agree with me. Life isn’t perfect. We still have a lot to figure out. One thing I do know for sure though is that we are mostly all wonderful, complex, compassionate beings.

Let’s keep communicating and showing up for others that feel they don’t have a voice.


Katie ❀

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