Arlo & Bodhi

On 18th October 2017, we added two little (big!) additions to our family and we have fallen head over heals in love with them! I honestly can’t remember what my life was like before that date! 🙈

If you’ve read my last two new year’s resolutions posts you’ll know that I have always wanted to have a pet in the house once we were settled but NEVER did I imagine we would have two! 💕 They are gorgeous Ragdoll brothers born on 27th June 2017 and from the minute we got them home, we knew they had their own personalities that would completely run circles around us both. So in light of that, I have to describe them individually to you!


As soon as we got in the car on the drive home, he cried the entire way. Sometimes our voices would settle him but you could tell he was an anxious little kitty. When we got home, he was the most inquisitive looking around each room a lot sooner than Bodhi but he was still loud, crying at anything and everything. When he realises he’s alone he hates it. Arlo is also the bigger one, the lap cat and the mummy’s boy! He loves a cuddle and kneads me after he’s had a nap every time. It’s the sweetest thing and the time of day I look forward to the most. He’s also the more agile one! He’s tried to jump on the kitchen counter so many times with only one success so far but as he grows bigger, we know that will soon change! He’s also absolutely gorgeous… a red bi-colour, so he will have little red on his fur compared to Bodhi. Very photogenic and has these big blue eyes you just can’t resist.

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Thinking about Bodhi and what he’s been like puts a huge smile on my face. He’s definitely the baby; more feisty and cute. Loves a belly rub, being cradled in your arms and has a massive foot fetish… honestly, we can’t walk around the house now without shoes or slippers on. He’s fearless or at least we thought so until we had the window cleaner over! 😂 He mostly starts the play fights but Arlo will always finish them. Bodhi just makes us laugh all the time! He chases his tail, steals his brothers food, runs around the house like mad, jumps but fails the landing every time… he is our little monkey boy and my goodness we adore him. Bodhi is a red point, so he will have much more red on his face, paws and tail.

We dote on the both of them so much and it’s been exciting for us to realise day by day that they are so different. It’s crazy to think that they are less popular because of their red colouring because they are both just so beautiful! Complete time-wasters! All we do is play or stare at them most evenings.

I love photographing them both all the time! They have their own Instagram account that I set up so that my own page didn’t have a lot of “cat-spam”. Check it out if you haven’t done so already!


We are now almost a month into being “pet parents” and loving every single minute! Even the poo explosions, crying at 5am to get into our bedroom, stopping them from playing with pretty much everything they shouldn’t and more fun jobs pets bring to your life doesn’t take away from the fact they are an absolute joy to have around and we love them both so much. ♥️

I’ve got an Arlo & Bodhi Q&A post in the making but if you also have any questions, let me know in the comments below or message me on one of my social media channels!

Love, Katie ♡
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