Music Fixes Everything

I’ve been having a mild panic attack all night because I set out this time to write a couple of blog posts and completely failed!

My mind went blank, I was hyper-ventilating, shaking, calm music went on, it got annoying, I did some weird breathing techniques I practiced in yoga the other day, I stretched it out, I made tea, tea let me down… so I got a glass of wine… which I never do! I’m in desperate need of help! 🙈

 I put on a happy music playlist and my mood completely changed!

Isn’t it amazing how music changes your perception of reality in an instant?!
Okay, wine probably helps but you get my point. 

Sometimes evenings are wasted, they don’t go to plan, you lose it and you know what… it’s okay! I really have to remind myself that I am enough and I can write about whatever the hell I like, whenever the hell I like and tonight it’s about a music playlist that got me out of my funk!!! 😂

I want to be unashamedly me and live my life to the fullest. It’s taking time and I’m getting there. I have so many plans over the next few months that are pushing me out of my comfort zone! I’m so looking forward to them and just keep telling myself to hold it together – I got this!

I want and am going to make positive changes in my life. I know I’m meant for more but until then… I’ll keep singing 🎶

Katie ❀

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International Women’s Day

Bit late to the party I know but I just had to create a quick post and say that I felt totally inspired and empowered this week on International Women’s Day!

I’ve got a lot to learn myself but feel so lucky to live in a country that I believe won’t define me by my gender and gives me the same opportunities as my peers throughout my entire life.

I know others are not as lucky as me. I know that others wouldn’t agree with me. Life isn’t perfect. We still have a lot to figure out. One thing I do know for sure though is that we are mostly all wonderful, complex, compassionate beings.

Let’s keep communicating and showing up for others that feel they don’t have a voice.


Katie ❀

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Christmas Gift Ideas

There are so many lovely gifts out there to spend on your loved ones and one of my favourite past times is surfing through the ‘Gift Finder’ app from to get inspiration!

You Look Lovely Today Canvas Pouch.jpg

‘You Look Lovely Today’ Canvas Pouch
This bag is so lovely and a nice size to fit essential make up bits and bobs.

Family Tree Personalised Papercut.jpg

Family Tree Personalised Papercut
These frames are so popular right now and make a lovely addition to a family home.

Personalised Children's Story Book.jpg

Personalised Children’s Story Book
It’s so hard to find the right gifts for children, so a personalised book in their name you know will be something they treasure forever.

Personalised Grey Herringbone Scarf.jpg

Personalised Grey Herringbone Scarf
Scarfs are always an easy purchase as they’re an essential for a winter wardrobe! This one in particular looks nice and long and cosy.

Personalised Ring Dish.jpg

Personalised Gift Ring Dish
This dish is more a wedding gift but don’t forget to look outside the box! I’d personally love this as a joint Christmas gift.

Personalised Tin With Bath Bombs.jpg

Personalised Tin With Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs are all the rage right now. Lush in particular are favourites of mine but these look so lovely and christmasy! Perhaps an easy Secret Santa present!

Personalised Welly Boot Family Cushion.jpg

Personalised Welly Boot Family Cushion
There is a frame in this design but I came across the cushion and thought it was so cute and different!

Q&A Book.jpg

Question A Day Five Year Journal
I bought one of these for myself last year and can officially say I have filled it out every day! It’s a great nostalgia gift that is perfect for those who promise to stick to it!

Katie ❀

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Magical Affirmations

December is so magical and wonderful! It’s the greatest time for reflection than any other in the year and today I felt like writing about a little something I’m passionate about.

I love affirmations and read enough books to know that this is a constant theme in the steps to self-love. If you say these affirmations enough, you will believe and become them. Negativity fills so much of our days. We self-deprecate everything we do and don’t acknowledge our full potential.

I try and read an affirmation every morning to really start the day on a high and repeat it constantly whenever my mind begins to wander out of the present moment.

Here are some that I found on The Mala Collectives Pinterest Board ♡


I’ve found you have to be very open minded with affirmations. In today’s society where there is gossip, negativity and harsh realities, repeating these affirmations is where I tell myself that everything’s okay, you’re more than this time, you’re full of so much love and fear will not control you.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve forgotten that lately but will get back on track starting from right now. I also hope you will be enlightened by this post to at least try and see how great you feel!

Katie ❀

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My Christmas Tree

Here’s our Christmas tree! This is our first Christmas in our new home so we’re really excited to share this time together!

Our Christmas tree is pretty naked as we didn’t have a lot of decorations from our Winchester house a few years ago and last year we were with my parents so didn’t have our own tree. I wasn’t sure what style we were going for so didn’t want to splurge unnecessarily but we did have some really cute stuff for now.







I think I’ll add a few more bits during December up until Christmas but will mainly hit the January sales and grab any bits we missed. That way we have it all ready for next year and build up our collection little by little every year. ♡

Katie ❀

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Winter Mood Board

I recently discovered the meaning of ‘Hygge’. It’s the danish concept of coziness created when enjoying good food, drinks and fireside times with friends and family. I believe this goes hand in hand with Christmastime and I’ve tried to draw inspiration from this in my Pinterest Winter Board. I love it as it’s filled with lovely Christmas decor and ideas. ♡


Katie ❀

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My New Life Planner

I know this isn’t exactly Christmasy but had to share… I bought myself a new Erin Condren Life Planner! An early Christmas present for myself! 💖

It’s so pretty! I’m over the moon with how it turned out and can’t wait to start using it every day in 2017. I’ll be able to keep constant note of my new years resolutions, daily chores, grateful moments and more. And I know, I know… I can just do all of this on my phone… but where’s the fun in that?! ☺️

I chose the ‘Life In Little Squares’ cover design and picked out lovely photos from my Pinterest & Tumblr accounts. My colour option was mauve and I went for a platinum coil.
The front cover is laminated so you can leave little notes but wipe away when you’re done.
This is where I’ll be writing my new years resolutions!
I love the inspirational quotes throughout 💜
Year view
Plenty of note pages throughout with more inspirational quotes.
You also get a monthly view as well as…
…weekly/day by day views! I chose the vertical layout.
There’s also a page at the back with an overview for 2018.
You’re provided with a nice amount of Erin Condren stickers…
…and all these gorgeous freebies! A sticker book, separate calendar to make note of events and birthdays, little gratitude cards (that I’ll be using as bookmarks) and a postcard that I will save to send to someone at a special time.
I love to organise everything and these planners take me back to my school days. I may not have been great at the actual work but my planner always looked amazing and it appeared to others that I had my life together. This philosophy seems to have followed me in to adulthood. 😄

I purchased these cute stickers from Etsy also and they should be arriving all the way from Australia in the next few weeks.

I’ve seen some YouTube videos by ladies who decorate their planners amazingly. So for all the organisers out there like me… take a look at Elle Fowler’s channel for inspiration.

If you love to organise everything or are still searching for a perfect Christmas present for someone, then I definitely recommend this Life Planner.

Katie ❀

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