A Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

I thought my life would take a new direction a few years go. I told myself I deserved it. I worked my butt off. Others said I could do it.

Then life threw a curveball and was like… NOPE YOU CAN’T AND NOT EVEN SORRY!

I was devastated. I cried a lot and beat myself up for days but eventually I got better. Time healed my wounds and I soon realised that I had just learned this lesson the hard way.

Don’t expect anything from anyone.

I could have told myself said that life is cruel… it wasn’t fair… why me?! Then stomp my foot on the ground like a little girl.

Surprisingly though… I didn’t do that. It was a revelation. I wasn’t bitter or angry. I was more disappointed in myself that I had expected my life to head in a certain direction. This was my blessing in disguise.

I used this time to make some changes and try new things. This was when I started yoga, meditation and eating healthy. I researched spirituality and read books like ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘The Alchemist’ to expand my knowledge of how others see the world. It was a little changes like these that helped me gain focus. It was my refresh button.


It was a horrible and dark time for me. Now 2 years on, an opportunity came around again and I succeeded. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

Katie ❀

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A Letter To My Future Self

Dear (Future) Katie,

It’s a Sunday and you’ve pretty much just been napping all day. Enjoy these moments. Take time for yourself and just breathe. Life is pretty hectic right now and one day you’ll probably look back and wonder exactly why it was you gave yourself too much to do. Then on the other hand you’ll probably be thinking you have no idea what’s to come and how truly busy life will someday be.

Keep doing yoga. You love yoga… a lot. Keep exploring and researching. Watch movies you haven’t seen before and enjoy the nostalgia of the ones you’ve watched a gazillion times. Stay organised but don’t let it overwhelm you. It’s okay to still be messy… life is not perfect. I hope you’re still pinning on Pinterest and not looking on Facebook. Pink will always be your favourite colour and if that’s changed I’ll be surprised. Buy flowers. Listen to music every day. Video special moments, you’ll want to look back on them in years to come. Photos are amazing but they never capture every small moment.

I hope you’re in a profession you can be proud of but understand that work is work and a steady secure income is something you should be hugely grateful for. Are you still blogging? I hope so but understand that people change.

Remember to follow your intuition, learn from your mistakes, be grateful for the little things and travel the world.

Lots of Love,

Katie ❀

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3 Lessons To Teach My Future Children

Do not compare your life to others
Everyone is on their own journey and figuring things out the best they can.

The best is yet to come
You have only just started in life, everything gets way better… so be patient.

Never hold grudges
Be the first to apologise (even if you’re not in the wrong). Life is too short to hate.

I love these 45 Life Lessons I found on Pinterest:

dcbdf455ae3e00f0bca891bddde2b2f7P.S. It’s been a very busy week at work, so I’m a little behind on my daily posts. September is almost over! Can you believe it?! (Roll on Christmas! 😉🎄🎁✨)

Katie ❀

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iTunes Shuffle

Todays post is another one on music and I had to share with you the first 10 songs that shuffled on my iTunes.

  1. White Night – Ludovico Einaudi
  2. Summertime – Louis Armstrong
  3. The Constant – Michael Giacchino
  4. For The First Time – The Script
  5. Applause – Lady GaGa
  6. Changing – Sigma Ft. Paloma Faith
  7. Not Giving In – Rudimental Ft. John Newman & Alex Clare
  8. If I Lose Myself – OneRepublic
  9. To The Light – Newton Faulkner
  10. All About You – McFly

I was nervous of this one! I have a bit of eclectic taste of music and my iTunes is full of old songs as I’m always on Spotify now but I think it’s been alright for me! (phew 😉)

Katie ❀

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My First Love

I met Joel when I was 16 years old.

The first time I ever saw him, he was making loud noises in front of a group of people. The second time, he was doing something stupid with his mates. The third time, he came up to speak to a friend of mine and I remember thinking… “oh, it’s him again… the crazy idiot.”

As I watched him walk away, he looked back over his shoulder… at me! Directly looking at me as he was walking away! He wasn’t nervous about it at all. He was confident and gave a little smile but not in the immature way I’d seen before. My heart flipped out of my chest. 

Some time passed and he plucked up the courage to speak to me over MySpace and we chatted a lot over MSN too (showing my age here! 😂) We’d occasionally get-together in college and then eventually started having hour long conversations with each other most nights over the phone. He was my best friend for a good few months. We went shopping together, had cinema dates and he made me laugh so much… all… the… time! He was hilarious! (ah! got to love the honeymoon period!)

BUT… he was my friend. Sometimes, I considered that we could be more than that but he was so different from other guys I had been attracted to. I’ll just say my 14/15 year old self loved a “bad boy” (shivers) and Joel was… well… certainly not that.

On a trip to the shops one day, we discussed being a couple but had agreed that college came first and if anything was to happen it would be at the end of the school year. So we walked back to the bus stop and stood there waiting with many others.

He caught me off guard and kissed me spontaneously at that bus stop on 27th April 2007.

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

And as they say… the rest is history. We’ve had ups and downs. Break ups and makeups. Joel was my first love and I married him on 12th September 2015. He’s my best friend in the entire world and I couldn’t imagine life without him.


It’s crazy to think we’ve been together for almost 10 years! We grew up together but in very separate ways and in this time our foundation was always built on friendship.

Our younger selves have even been captured on film for a friends college project. It’s so cute! I used to cringe every time I saw it but I love it more and more as we get older.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite ❤️

Katie ❀

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30 Facts About Me

I LOVE these types of blog posts, so have been looking forward to sharing 30 facts about me! Enjoy!

  1. I have never dyed my hair (natural blonde!)
  2. I own a mini one convertible
  3. I check the IMDb trivia after watching every movie
  4. I was a vegetarian my whole life until last year
  5. New York is my favourite city in the world
  6. I love Royal families… especially ours of course! 👑
  7. I’m obsessed with Miranda Kerr
  8. My favourite summer book is On The Island by Tracey Garvis Graves
  9. I used to do Ballet, tap and modern dancing
  10. I didn’t go to university
  11. I love every Apple product! iPhones, iMacs, Apple TV… You name it, we have it!
  12. I’m a morning person
  13. I love a great sunset
  14. My favourite colours are baby pink and teal
  15. I love space movies
  16. I love the Harry Potter books (who doesn’t?!)
  17. My favourite perfume is Chanel Chance
  18. I used to visit Spain for 6 weeks every summer
  19. I love documentaries
  20. I have to wear glasses when I’m reading, watching tv or at my computer
  21. I work in Winchester
  22. I love macro photography (of flowers mostly ❀)
  23. My favourite social media apps are Twitter and Instagram
  24. I’ve had the same RayBan wayfarer sunglasses since I was 21 (Blues Brothers is a favourite of mine! 😂)
  25. Flowers make me happy
  26. I love eating dark chocolate
  27. I only drink decaf tea
  28. I’m learning to meditate
  29. My favourite movie is Back to the Future
  30. My favourite album is Speak Now by Taylor Swift… I miss country Taylor! 😢

P.S. Hey to some new followers to my blog! 👋🏼 I have a confession… this blog is my little secret, so to see people liking some of my posts (which always happen to be the unexpected ones) my heart does a little dance! ❤️ My intention for this blog is not to gain in popularity or set the world to right. It’s just my online diary where I can share my thoughts, favourites and daily life. I hope anyone who reads this enjoys what I’m writing as much as I love reading others. 😘

Katie ❀

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My Zodiac Sign

Todays question is all about my Zodiac sign and if I think it suits me. So, I am a…


Here are some statements I found on Wikipedia and I’m going to see if I agree with them or not.

Their versatility allows them to learn a little about everything and develop skills in many areas
This is definitely me! I love learning about lots of different things that take my interest at the time. I wikipedia everything.

Considered to hold mysteriously unique artistic and creative abilities unlike other signs
I love my Photography and being creative.

Often considered to be very intelligent individuals, they have a wide appreciation for the arts, philosophy, history and the natural sciences
I really do appreciate all of the above so this is so interesting!

They do not like boring people or routine procedures and therefore struggle to deal with authoritative figures
This is definitely not correct. I love routines and handle myself well with lots of different people.

They are enlightened to talk about any subject which they find interesting and where they can stimulate their naturally intellectual personalities
This is so true. Once I’m interested in a topic, I can speak endlessly about it with other people.

Geminis are noted to be drastic and hasty yet very responsible and disciplined
Yep. This is correct for me!

They are considered to be the most misunderstood of all signs due to their dual personality expressed by the twins of their sign. Because of this, don’t be surprised to often find Geminis in different moods and therefore mood swings can occur often for Geminis because of their high degree of mental processing and thinking. This makes them quite philosophical people.
I’m going to show my husband this one! 🙈 It’s not because of me that I have crazy mood swings… It’s my zodiac sign!

Geminis are sensitive but use their high intelligence to counter anything that upsets them
I’m definitely very sensitive but really try to not sweat the small stuff. 

This was so interesting! Most of the statements above are all correct for me. So in true Gemini fashion I’m going to research all about zodiac signs for the next few hours! 😄

Katie ❀

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