Magical Affirmations

December is so magical and wonderful! It’s the greatest time for reflection than any other in the year and today I felt like writing about a little something I’m passionate about.

I love affirmations and read enough books to know that this is a constant theme in the steps to self-love. If you say these affirmations enough, you will believe and become them. Negativity fills so much of our days. We self-deprecate everything we do and don’t acknowledge our full potential.

I try and read an affirmation every morning to really start the day on a high and repeat it constantly whenever my mind begins to wander out of the present moment.

Here are some that I found on The Mala Collectives Pinterest Board ♡


I’ve found you have to be very open minded with affirmations. In today’s society where there is gossip, negativity and harsh realities, repeating these affirmations is where I tell myself that everything’s okay, you’re more than this time, you’re full of so much love and fear will not control you.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve forgotten that lately but will get back on track starting from right now. I also hope you will be enlightened by this post to at least try and see how great you feel!

Katie ❀

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December Goals

The countdown to Christmas has finally begun! 🎄🎅🏼❄️🌟🎁👼🏼✨

I hope you’ve all had the first chocolate in your advent calendars this morning! I can’t wait to celebrate, eats lots of mince pies and relax over the festive period. I thought setting some goals for this month would be a great way to start off Blogmas, so here are a few intentions of mine for December.

Enjoy Christmas!
It really is the best time of year. The weather has turned so cold and there’s a frost every morning now which means our home is even more cosy than usual. I can’t wait to get out our Christmas decorations and wrap the presents for our loved ones. I must make time to enjoy some Christmas movies and listen to my Christmas playlist because once it’s over, I always kick myself that I didn’t do enough.

Get Organised
I must not leave getting presents until the last minute, so really want to stay on top of this! It would be great to also make more time to see our families and have fun days out.

I really want to use this month to really, truly relax. I’ve been meditating every morning but want to take it to the next level and make the time to meditate in the evening before bed too. I’ve also recently been using affirmations as a way to de-stress so hopefully will continue to do this in December.

I feel like a new dawn has broken for me and even though the majority of this year has been a struggle, I will end it on a high! ❤️

Katie ❀

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October Blues

I’ve been kind of M.I.A this month. No explanation or excuse… life just gets in the way sometimes.

With the changing of the seasons and my thoughts turning to another Summer gone by, I guess I feel pretty sad. I haven’t been blogging but I have enjoyed grabbing my pen and writing in my diary again. I feel like in some form or another, my brain just needs a release. I need to constantly get my thoughts out and set them free.

I appreciate Autumn, I really do. The golden colours on the trees astounds me every day on my drive to work and the cool air is so refreshing and also delightfully cosy. Sometimes though, it’s felt like a lonely month and I’m not entirely sure why.

Maybe I need to write more diary entires and blog posts to find out! 😄

On a positive note, I have made some incredible meals over October and really wish I’d taken photos so I could do a blog post about them all. I will pick that up in November!

Katie ❀

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5 Blessings In My Life

Today is mine and Joel’s 1st year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! It feels like yesterday we were enjoying our special day with all our family and friends. I count my lucky stars every day for the life I’m living and here are 5 of my favourite wonderful blessings.

Joel & Katie's Wedding-1511.jpg

My Husband
Wow… I still can’t get used to that. ☺️ He drives me crazy. He’s absolutely bonkers. He’s messy and we have completely different styles but I can honestly say he’s my soulmate. I love him unconditionally and feel so blessed to have found ‘the one’.

My Health
I’m healthy and happy. I have eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk the Earth. If all were taken away, I’d still feel blessed to have pure imagination and my soul.

I have been to some truly amazing places around the world like America, Italy, Australia, Barbados, Spain, France and Mauritius. To experience different places and immerse yourself in their cultures is something I will continue to do and I feel blessed every day that I have the ability to fulfil this desire.

They’re your most important allies and I feel so blessed to have a strong willed, gorgeous and funny family. At every family get-together, I sometimes just like to sit and watch  every one talk so I can take in every moment with them. Some day the amount of people at the dinner table will change and you’ll wish you could have a past moment back again just to have one more time with them. Treasure every moment with your loved ones.

I love our house. It’s bricks, paint and furniture to most but to me… it’s home. It holds so much love right now and one day that love will grow so much stronger that we won’t be able to contain it. I’m so blessed to have my lovely little home.

Katie ❀

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