February Favourites

Lots of changes happened in February! I’m feeling so happy, proud and grateful. Learning everyday to let my feelings be felt but let them pass me by if they’re not serving me. That sneaky little voice in my head tells me I’m not good enough a lot lately. I’m mastering it every day the best I can.

Granola and lots of it right now… I write all about my healthy eating habits on my last blog post so check it out for inspiration! ♡


I am loving Earl Grey! Never thought this would happen! It’s a posh tea for sure… 😂 I also still try and drink a herbal tea like Peppermint but have also loved my Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey tea.

I watched a lot of things this month! Stranger Things (again). Arrival. Deepwater Horizon. LA LA LAND! A film has not excited me as much as that one did!

The La La Land soundtrack on repeat daily. Also, where have Podcasts been all my life?! I am obsessed! I really love The Melissa Ambrosini Show and The Ultimate Health Podcast at the moment. They’re full of lots of nuggets of wisdom and ideas to stay healthy in the body and mind.


You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. This is the first audiobook I’ve listened to and loved it! I listened to it whilst getting ready in the mornings, on the way to and back from work and at my desk. It was recommended to me by my best friends sister in-law who had checked out my blog and saw that these types of books really interest me! I love when that happens and I so appreciate any recommendations! (Thank you again Katie! x)

Our new kitchen designs hit full throttle at the beginning of February however, Joel’s been so busy with the Six Nations so we’ll have to pick back up again in March once it’s all over (and hopefully England have won again! 🌹) I’ve also been updating my Life Planner loads at the moment and organised most of my events throughout the year.

Yoga Girl! She was due her baby girl this month and I have made sure to catch her Instagram story every day to see when she has her! Complete stalker I know! Rachel is so lovely and amazing and inspirational…! I could go on all day! Can’t wait see her and Dennis as wonderful parents.


I really want to start surrounding myself with like minded people. If that means joining a class or starting a new journey out of the corporate life… I’m not too sure yet. I just know I have this desire to make the most of my day by filling it with the things I love to do.

Overall, excited but dazed. Lots to take in and think about but lots of love and gratitude.

Katie ❀

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February Favourites

February has just flown by! It’s been a busy month with moving out, my parents and husband being away in Italy and work… there’s been lots going on! So they’ll definitely be some random favourites for this month but I hope you’ll like them just the same 🙂


Ovia Fertility App. I have been obsessed with this app this month. Joel and I are trying for a baby and this is a great app to keep track of your periods, fertile window and note any other unusual womanly symptoms. Even if we weren’t TTC (trying to conceive) it’s a good way to get an idea of your cycle each month. I feel the older I’m getting the more I want to understand my body and there’s great apps out there to help you.


Batiste Dry Shampoo. I’ve had a can of the original dry shampoo for a while and everytime I use it I always get grey hair and it’s so obvious it’s not been washed but sprayed with good ol’ Batiste. My hair isn’t very blonde but it’s bright enough for dry shampoo to be noticeable, so I thought I would try out the Brilliant Blonde can and its been brilliant (good choice of brand name there from the marketing team! haha!) It works exactly the same as the original and gives my hair an instant lift if I don’t fancy washing it.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser. I’ve been looking for an ideal cleanser for a while and I hear so many people recommend Liz Earle. I’ve tried it for only a few days and absolutely love the smell and the texture of this cleanser. My skins also feels so soft and fresh afterwards. At the moment, I’m just using this in the evening as my skin is so sensitive, I want to almost ease this into my routine so that I don’t end up with any reactions or breakouts. None so far, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Amber Fillerup Clark. I have followed the Clark family for a while and love watching their little family grow in NYC. Amber usually posts fashion blogs but it’s when she uploads vlogs like this that I love her even more! There’s a few tips that I definitely took away from the video, like a shared calender so you’re on top of you and your partners individual schedules. I also loved the idea of a 30 minute power clean and will definitely do this once we’re all set up in our new house. She’s just so relatable and lovely. She feels like a friend, even though you’ve never met her 🙂

February has been a very boring month really. Aside from moving out and it being my Mum’s 50th birthday, there’s not been time for little treats or to notice anything else of mine as a favourite. I’m so looking forward to March, when the weather will (hopefully) be better and it’s Easter (my favourite time of year)!

Katie ❀

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