Magical Affirmations

December is so magical and wonderful! It’s the greatest time for reflection than any other in the year and today I felt like writing about a little something I’m passionate about.

I love affirmations and read enough books to know that this is a constant theme in the steps to self-love. If you say these affirmations enough, you will believe and become them. Negativity fills so much of our days. We self-deprecate everything we do and don’t acknowledge our full potential.

I try and read an affirmation every morning to really start the day on a high and repeat it constantly whenever my mind begins to wander out of the present moment.

Here are some that I found on The Mala Collectives Pinterest Board ♡


I’ve found you have to be very open minded with affirmations. In today’s society where there is gossip, negativity and harsh realities, repeating these affirmations is where I tell myself that everything’s okay, you’re more than this time, you’re full of so much love and fear will not control you.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve forgotten that lately but will get back on track starting from right now. I also hope you will be enlightened by this post to at least try and see how great you feel!

Katie ❀

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What I’m Excited About!

I’m excited about a few things in my life at the moment!

Home Developments
I’m back to being inspired to making our home look pretty and nice. I love shopping in HomeSense and like looking at Instagram everyday for ideas! I’m currently obsessed with @rvk_loves, @kate.lavie, @perfectlylovelyjen… their homes are amazing!

They’re on the horizon! I love when the season changes and you start having more cosy nights in. Although, we are due a heatwave in the UK this week so I won’t be getting out my woolly hat just yet!

My Blog
Writing on this blog excites me every day at the moment! It’s always on my mind and I love being able to think about what content I want to put out there next. I feel this 30 day writing challenge is really helping me get into a routine, so that I will be able to take forward meaningful and exciting posts about my life in the near future.

Katie ❀

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