Australia Trip

In January I wrote that one of my new years resolutions was to travel the world and now I can officially confirm I am going to Australia! I popped into STA Travel yesterday morning and booked the flights for June 2016. To say I’m excited is an understatement! Now the main reason for this 3 week trip is for my husband. He is travelling with work for a month and we thought, this will probably be the only time we can go and just pay for one of us! We also think (hope) this will be our last BIG adventure for a while before our money is spent on a baby. So it makes total sense and after watching most of my family go travelling for the past few years, it’s nice to know we are now having our chance too.

It’ll be such a great girls trip too as I’m actually travelling with my Mum! She has been a few times already and is going to be my honorary tour guide and companion whilst Joel is busy working. All we have booked so far are our main flights with Emirates from London to Brisbane and back again from Sydney. We are looking to spend two weeks travelling from Cairns to Airlie Beach and then one week in Sydney.

I’ve been trying to draw inspiration not only from my parents and sister but also online. Tuula Vintage is an Aussie and has recently posted photos from her travels in her homeland and in true fashion, I have already set up an Australian Pinterest Board full of photos from peoples travels.

Here are a few of those photos that I am loving:

Tallows Beach, Byron Bay


Wategos Beach, Byron Bay


Byron Bay Lighthouse


Sydney Harbour


The Great Barrier Reef


My Aussie bucket list consists of seeing the Blue Mountains, the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsunday Islands (Whitehaven Beach), climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and spend the day at Fraser Island. Everything else and little unexpected moments will be a bonus!

I plan on taking lots of photographs on my Canon 650D but also would love to video the trip more so. I absolutely love watching travel video diaries and when we travelled to Florida in 2008 I made a really cute family travel video (before it became the done-thing) so I really want to bring out that creative side to me again.

I’m sure I’ll do another post getting you updated on our itinerary. I’m so excited for this adventure to begin; we luckily don’t have long to wait… 76 days and counting! I’ll start a countdown on my main page! 😉

Katie ❀

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