We Got A New Kitchen!

After months of planning and organising, we finally have a new and improved kitchen! 🙌🏼 🖤 ✨ We’re so excited to have the main part of this project completed after waiting for soooo long!

When we bought our house back in February last year, we knew it needed some serious TLC! So before we even fully moved in we painted all the walls white, scrubbed every surface clean and did some odd jobs here and there. I just wanted a blank canvas! Rooms where we could add pops of colour and then once we knew what style we liked best, go from there.

For the kitchen, we had this idea that it’d be really easy to just paint the cupboards, replace the tiles and the handles etc but quickly realised that there was not going to be an “easy fix” on this room like the others.



The cupboards made everything smell really bad… like an old smell… side note: my husband has always said I have the nose of a bloodhound so that might just be me! 😂 The sink was always easily stained and no amount of bleach would clean it properly, two of the burners on the hob didn’t work, the inside of the oven caught fire once (yep. very scary) and we had little to no space for everything. It was just… not good 🙈 We really wanted a new space to cook our meals easily, not spend so much time washing up and honestly just put our stamp on a house we have grown to love!



As you can see it’s completely different and we love it!!! The amount of grey definitely took me a few days to get used to! We moved the fridge over to the left slightly to give ourselves more worktop space and having an in-built microwave has helped with that massively too. The induction hob is amazing! No more getting the knobs fixed every other month because they got stuck and we have so much more cupboard space it’s crazy! Dare I say we almost have too much space now… I need to go shopping! 🛒 *ignore the missing door… we’re waiting on the correct hinges!

We designed and bought everything with B&Q. In hindsight to save some extra cash we could have bought bits and bobs in other places for less however, for the sake of convenience it was absolutely fine. My only advice to others would be to prepare the top things you would like in your design and stick to them; don’t be afraid to say if you’e not happy and have as many meetings as you need!

We went in with the main focus being a dishwasher. Obviously we wanted it to look great but a dishwasher was the ultimate ‘Kitchen-Goals’! The designer told us on a number of occasions this couldn’t be done as the space was too small. Now either he gave up too easily or we didn’t push enough that this was something we really would love! Long story short… our brother-in-law came over one night, measured everything up for us and proved it could be done! Not by the sink as usual but on the other side! (I hate to be dramatic but you saved our marriage, Tim. 😝)

Replacing the old with the new took a little over a week! Living in a complete mess wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I just kept thinking how great it will be when it’s all finished and how cool it is we get to do this! Extremely grateful and feeling very much like an adult right now that’s for sure!

We’ve now just got to get some blinds and I’m going to be adding in some nice subtle colours. I love the pinks but need to get Joel on board… general consensus has been that pink and grey are a winner, so I think he’s going to be over-ruled on this one! 😉 I also don’t hate the wood effect with the grey too, I thought maybe we’d have to replace most things but it looks like it’s working really well for now. I don’t know… I’m not really the best with designing things but learning as I go! Pinterest has helped a lot!

So there you have it, our new kitchen! Now I just can’t wait for Joel to get back from Ireland! (yep. He missed the whole thing) He is definatley a better cook than me, so looking forward to all the yummy meals he’ll be making 👏🏼

We also had our garden done up a few months ago and I’ll do a separate post showing you before and after soon! It’s so much better than before and another space of the house we are absolutely loving! 🌸🌿 So exciting when it all comes together!

Katie ❀

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Decorating Update

It’s been a tough ol’ week of continuous painting for us. I (very naievly) thought that painting all the walls white would take us a few days and we’d be in the house by the weekend! So as it’s taking us longer than expected, we decided we’ll pay a decorater to complete the bigger jobs.

All in all, the house is coming together nicely! I love it more and more every day. I just wish we could fast forward the decorating part but know it will be so worth it in the end.

Here’s some decorating photos of our first week in the new pad!

This photo was taken before the decorating madness! Our living room is lovely and spacious. I wanted all the walls white and we soon realised that this will actually take longer than first thought. (oops!)

White paint was my nemesis at this point. Once you start on a room, you have to totally persevere and keep going! Our porch now looks so much more bright and inviting.

This is the second bedroom and it was originally the brightest yellow we’d ever seen! Now it’s a gorgeous pure white. A couple of days ago I got a little worried that maybe having every room white was a bit too much but I realise once we have our furniture in and photos/decorations on the walls the place will look so nice and colourful.

Our bedroom is seriously going to need about 10 coats of paint! It was a dark purple so we’ll need to really make sure we really cover it up.

The kitchen was the first room we sorted and it’s looking so smart! I love the wood panelling that we painted a subtle grey.

As you can see, we only really have a little way to go. The house is in a great condition; I’m just in a bit of a nesting phase and want it looking perfect before we move in properly.

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New Home Inspiration

We are finally home owners!!! 🏡✨❤️📦🔑

It’s been a long time since we put in an offer on our house and after months of signing documents, chasing solicitors and saving for our deposit we have finally got the keys! Typically though, we aren’t ready to move in just yet. Joel is currently away in Italy working during the Rugby Six Nations and I didn’t really want to do any moving without him so in the meantime, I have been gathering inspiration for our new home!

I’ve created a New Home Inspiration mood board on Pinterest (of course!) and thought I would share a couple of photos on my blog.

Spare Room/Office


We will be using our spare room as an office for now as both Joel and I work from home on occasions; I want to get this looking really smart and fresh. At the moment the room is a very garish yellow, so we’ll be starting off painting it a bright white. It’ll then feel like a blank canvas and once we’ve lived in it for a while, we can then decide if we want to mix it up.


I really like pinks and whites but (as any ladies out there will know) sometimes, living with a boy, we have to compromise! I’m hoping I’ll decorate it nicely and Joel will just like it when it’s all cosy and completed.


I’m not crazy about the wall colour in the photo above but I do like the colour and organisation of the folders and also the frame layout on the wall.


I can really imagine the final look of our office looking like this! Once we save up enough money, we will definitely be investing in a good carpet or lovely hardwood floors.



Our new home was built in the 1970’s and is a little dated in terms of cupboards and tiles. We’ll definitely be re-vamping them before we move all of our stuff in. I’m literally just going to paint the cupboards white and my mum is a pro at tiling. This photo looks exactly how I’d love the kitchen to look in the meantime. I think long term we’d invest in re-building the entire kitchen but for now, you have to make the most with what you got!


I love how effective the bunting and plants look. As we’ll be painting the majority of the room white, these will be lovely little additions of colour.


Shh… my parents have bought Joel a new coffee machine for our new home and I love the way you can lay out a little coffee station.


I love the blinds in this photo. They make a kitchen look so cosy!


Okay, so I looked up SMEG fridges and they’re like £900-£2,000… Really, this photo is just inspiration for a nice white fridge! I really like the addition of a chalkboard too.


This justifies for me that white kitchen cupboards are the way forward. They make a room like so bright and fresh which is exactly the look we’re going for.



Our bathroom is super tiny and doesn’t have any windows. However, it is in a great condition and the extractor fan must be working wonders. Like every room though, I just want to put our stamp on the place. The room needs brightening up, so we’re going to invest in some spotlights and a new floor for now.


I really like the idea of a beach decor for the bathroom. Whites and teal/duck egg blue.



A bedroom really is a sacred place. You spend a lifetime asleep so it’s important for us that we invest in a good bed and furniture. Luckily, the room comes with a built in cupboard and chest of drawers. They (like everything in the house) need a bit of paint but other than that it will be an easy room for us to love. I again, really want the room to be white and then we can add colour by adding different bed covers and pictures on the walls.


I cannot wait to have our wedding photos in frames and dotted around the house. They’re so beautiful I just want to show them off. You pay all that money for a great photographer after all!


Lots of pretty cushions are a must. I just want the bedroom looking cosy and inviting for Joel and I after a long day at work.

Living Room/Hallway


The living room (in my opinion) is the most important room of any home. It’s what your visitors will see first, you’ll spend most of your time chatting and watching television there and for us espeically, we also will be eating here on a dining table too. It’s a nice size space so we can do a lot with it. I loved the inspiration here with the photo frames, cushions and throws. It looks super cosy and inviting.


We have a little hallway that I want to put some tables against. We can just add accents to these to make it extra cosy and smart.


On a final note, we want to make our house fun! I have all these organisational tips on my other Pinterest board Home Organisation and as we are moving into a small home, space savers on here will be essential for us.

This will be mine and Joel’s first home as husband and wife and I can’t wait for our journey to finally begin. So, I leave you with this beautiful quote that we love and will be framing in our hallway.

Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can’t help but communicate. And if we had more room between us, think of all we’d miss. Love grows best in houses just like this.

Katie ❀

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