Hello, 2019!

It feels so good to sit on the sofa, open my laptop and write again! My blog took a big ol’ pause whilst I went through one huge life experience and I’m starting it up again as I transition into another. The start of 2018 feels like a lifetime ago but if you click back to my last post you’ll see I opened up a little about mine and my husbands struggle to make a baby…

“In November [2017], we had been TTC [trying to conceive] for 2 years. It was bittersweet, reflecting on our honeymoon in Mauritius and then thinking that if we’d have gotten pregnant we’d have a 1 year old here right now. After several tests and hospital appointments, there’s nothing “wrong” with us which does fill us with confidence that this could be the year! I mean statistics are on our side! We’re mostly feeling positive about everything and in a much better place than we were this time last year, so really… everything happens for a reason!”

Suffice to say, statistics are a load of bull and we didn’t conceive in 2018 BUT we started the journey to our baby and in the June our fertility treatment referral went underway. I was right in one way; everything happens for a reason and long story (very) short, I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with a little girl and could not feel more happy and in love.

We started our IVF treatment at the end of January 2019 and it’s been a whirlwind of a year already to say the least. I’ve self-administered multiple injections into my tummy, thrown up more times than I can count (and not just from pregnancy), had an ambulance ride to hospital, tiny needles in the form of acupuncture all over my body and I swear, there can’t be anymore blood in me for the amount they’ve taken already. It was the most anxiety-filled but happiest time of my life. We were on the road to our baby and that’s what got me out of bed everyday, knowing we were always one day closer. After 3 years of never being pregnant, not even once, our time was here and it was so very hard but oh my goodness, so worth it. 

In February after my egg collection procedure, I was struck down with Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome, well known in the IVF community as ‘OHSS’ (this was what brought me that joyous ride in the ambulance late one night). My ovaries grew 3 times their normal size and my abdomen filled with fluid. I looked pregnant but no where near being pregnant and in a lot of pain. This brought us a setback because I had to heal before they could transfer an embryo back inside me and then I also had to start the process again in terms of drugs to tell my body it’s preparing for a pregnancy (I’ll go into a lot more detail in future posts). I was now on the path to something called a Frozen Embryo Transfer, again another shortened one to just ‘FET’. Our FET would mean more injections for a longer period of time and more waiting. So we decided to bite the bullet and move house. It was a really exciting time because in our minds, we were manifesting a baby into our lives. We needed more space for us, the baby and our two cats – we now had time, so it made sense! Our house sold in 5 days, for the asking price and a couple of weeks later we had an offer accepted on a new one! It was all coming together! After the horrific OHSS experience, we had some good news and were so excited to get moving. 

Months went by and our chain was developing slowly as people tried to find their next houses but it didn’t matter to us, we were in the IVF bubble and to be honest, things could do with taking their time. As long as we moved in, we didn’t care when it happened! I had my Embryo Transfer procedure at the end of April and it was a very long 11 days later to wait and find out that it had worked! Our IVF was a success. We had a strong embryo. We were finally pregnant. Our lives were falling into place *happy tears

Then in the beginning of May, the morning sickness started aka. all day! Pregnancy sickness is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. You’re in a haze of constant extreme nausea, where for me, not only smells were bad but I couldn’t handle the sound of people eating or stranger still, I couldn’t have people talk about food around me! I felt absolutely horrific everyday, especially when the actual vomiting started every morning and you know what, I’m sorry to say… nothing helps! There’s no cure, no secret remedy, nothing even takes the edge off! I just had to persevere, get through each day and make it to the next. I lost weight, energy, drive to get out of bed every morning. It was seriously debilitating and not something I expected. Everyday I would have to remind myself I wasn’t dying – it sounds so dramatic but that’s how I felt. I had to tell myself “I’m pregnant with our baby, right now is so special, I’m grateful and happy”. Looking back it was such a surreal time. I’m feeling much better now I’m in the later stages of the second trimester and am very lucky that I felt I could be open and honest very early on with everyone close around me. It was no big secret we were going through IVF. I wanted everyone around us to not only have awareness but be there for us when times got tough. 

With finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and my life stabilising again, we were dropped a bomb in August that the people we were buying our new house from decided to take it off the market… 2 weeks before we were due to move. It was devastating. We’d imagined our lives there and came so close. Half of our stuff was already packed away in boxes but clearly, it just wasn’t meant to be. I feel there’s no big life lesson to even take away from this experience. I enjoyed planning and imagining our life in that house because it was going to happen. We just got unlucky and it was really unfortunate after waiting for so long. So, when one door closes, another one opens (quite literally)! A week later, we found another house a few roads down from the last, it’s a little bit of a fixer upper, a lot cheaper but the most important, no chain! It ticks most of the boxes and I’m sure we’ll be happy there, I’m just very anxious that as we have the baby arriving in early January, it’ll all feel overwhelming. I’m trying not to think too far ahead and stay positive.

Our lives this year have been so unpredictable. I’ve been living one day at a time and realise now, it’s all been practice for what’s to come. 

A baby, new house, new life… 

I’m writing all of this down to one day look back on and think “wow, girl, you have no idea easy this time in your life really was, even though you thought it was hard!”

So this is my 2019 so far in a nutshell and I’m really looking forward to writing all about IVF, pregnancy and motherhood. I always hope in some small way, it serves a purpose and helps someone out there going through similar experiences. I’m feeling passionate about raising awareness on infertility, which is still a huge taboo for a lot of people, even though 1 in 6 couples in the UK are diagnosed with it. (Yes, it is a diagnosis if you’ve been trying without conception for over a year.) There’s so many suffering in silence and in some way I hope to break that cycle.

So lots to do, lots to write about… let’s go! 

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