Hello, 2018!

Hello, 2018! We’re already a month in and so far I’m loving it! Except for the weather; we need a lot more sunshine! There’s been lots of changes this year already because I’m determined to make it an unforgettable one!

Towards the end of 2017, I made the decision to go vegan. I’d like to say it happened gradually over a long period of time as I had intended but it was so easy to make the change that it pretty much happened overnight! I’m loving every day of being vegan and creating new recipes. My insta-story is full of photos and videos of my meals now because I love sharing that you can be healthy and have a well-balanced diet without meat! I’ll save my reasons for going vegan for another time but just know, I’m so happy and feeling great.

In December, I wasn’t looking for a new job because I really liked what I was doing but one day I just went on the internal jobs search and there was a position for a Personal Assistant. I’ve wanted to be a PA for so long because I knew it would a role I would be really great at but every time I’ve always had self-doubt because of my lack of experience and qualifications in that area. I thought, you know what, I have nothing to lose by applying so I took each day as it came and towards the end of December found out that I got the job! I’m now 2 weeks in… crazy busy… a to do list the size of my arm… and loving every second!!! I thrive in busy environments and it’s something I really missed from my old role. I can finally say, I have a career and I’m so excited for this new chapter in my work life!

In November, we had been TTC for 2 years. It was bittersweet, reflecting on our honeymoon in Mauritius and then thinking that if we’d have gotten pregnant we’d have a 1 year old here right now. After several tests and hospital appointments, there’s nothing “wrong” with us which does fill us with confidence that this could be the year! I mean statistics are on our side! We’re mostly feeling positive about everything and in a much better place than we were this time last year, so really… everything happens for a reason!

So far, I am on day 15 of my daily meditations and can’t tell you how proud I am of that! I’ve challenged myself to complete one for 365 days straight. Some days, I can only commit to 2 minutes and other times 10 but either way, it’s time dedicated for me and creating space in my mind for gratitude.

So there are some things going on with me that I am taking into 2018! I’m also looking for a new car, completing a one second video everyday, changing up my Instagram, we’re getting new carpets (exciting!) and we have a trip to Norway in April!

I’m taking it easy blog-wise because my life is pretty full at the moment but I would love to commit to putting up a new post every Sunday… there I’ve said it now… so watch this space! 🖤

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