Get The Glow

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

I couldn’t believe when I read that the average person in Britain consumes about 140 teaspoons of sugar per week! High sugar intake upsets our hormones, stores as fat and masks the tastes of other foods. So I’ve decided to kick the sugar habit once and for all and I’m so excited!!!

I’ve been following Madeleine Shaw’s recipes from her ‘Get The Glow’ and ‘Ready Steady Glow’ books on and off for the last few years. She’s really great at creating simple, healthy and low-sugar meals! I would definitely recommend visiting her website for inspiration and to learn more about her food philosophy.


I’ll be writing weekly updates on the foods I’ve been nourishing my body with and why, in the hopes it’ll inspire others out there to do the same. ♡

So far, it’s been really easy with the exception of… quitting chocolate! That is proving to be the most difficult obstacle, as a self-obsessed choco lover!

I’m sure they’ll be good weeks and bad weeks but I want to document this journey truthfully and prove to myself I have what it takes to turn this into my new lifestyle! Let’s see how I get on!

Katie ❀

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