January Favourites

I thought I would do something a little different with my favourites posts for 2017 and came across this idea of what I’m currently up to, rather than searching around for “things” I’ve loved in a month. Let’s see if I can keep this up!

Avocado and strawberries on rye bread. This recipe is in Niomi Smart’s cookbook and I love it! A really random combination but it honestly works so well!

Niomi Smart Recipe

Water. Eight glasses a day at the beginning of the month but that has slowly declined. Why is it so hard to drink water?! Must try harder…

I finished off season 2 of Narcos and it’s absolutely brilliant! I also watched Band of Brothers again which is such an incredible piece of film making. Highly recommend both!

Ed Sheeran – Castle on the Hill

I hadn’t really read anything in January! Time was just not on my side. However, I did pick up a few chapters of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay whenever I felt like it before bed. It’s a great book to just pick up whenever and get some nuggets of wisdom.

We’re getting some designs through for our new kitchen. Still in the very early stages but looking to have something set in place in the next few months. We’re also planning our trip to Spain in July! 2 weeks in the sunshine! Cannot wait!


Instagram! Fallen back in love with it and it’s all thanks to the VSCO app. I edit all my photos at the moment with the HB2 / Hypebeast filter and loooove how they all turn out.

I recently found an old bottle of Lacoste’s Touch of Pink and have been wearing it pretty much everyday in January! Really nostalgic for me as used to wear everyday when I was around 17! (Almost 10 years ago… 😳)

My jeans and boots everyday. The weather has been awful. If it’s not freezing, it’s raining… as it has been for at least 5 days straight right now.

Peace. There’s a lot of mayhem going on in the world right now, especially in America and it’s crazy to witness. I feel like we’re just spectators in the destruction of humanity. Hope this feeling changes fast.


For most of the month, I was feeling down and a bit lost. Today is February so I’m kind of cheating but I got some good news which will mean a completely fresh start for me. So excited for this new chapter in my life!

Katie ❀

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