Learning Italian

Ciao bello! I love learning a new language but like so many others just can’t give it the time and dedication it needs to imbed in my mind.

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish since I was a little girl. I spent up to 6 weeks in Spain every Summer for around 10 years and if I stayed out there long enough again, I’m sure the language would come back to me.

My husband has been learning Spanish on Duolingo for almost a year and absolutely loves it. He’s picked up the basics really quickly and is now on to more advanced learning. I downloaded the app to my iPhone to join in on the fun of learning Spanish again but felt that actually it would be lovely to explore a new language and then chose Italian!

Duolingo is a fantastic app that allows you to learn a new language at your own pace. If you have a competitive spirit, the ‘streak’ that counts how many days you have consecutively practiced the language is especially great! I really love that the app is so convenient when out and about every day but that you can also log in on their site at a computer and complete a daily practice there too.

I’ve been to Italy a few times already; visiting Rome, Florence and Venice. It’s an amazing place full of beautiful and dark history. I would love to visit again next year so I can put all I have learnt in to practice.

They say Italian is the most romantic language in the world and now I know why. This is my favourite quote:

Il dolce far niente – The sweetness of doing nothing

Katie ❀

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