My Zodiac Sign

Todays question is all about my Zodiac sign and if I think it suits me. So, I am a…


Here are some statements I found on Wikipedia and I’m going to see if I agree with them or not.

Their versatility allows them to learn a little about everything and develop skills in many areas
This is definitely me! I love learning about lots of different things that take my interest at the time. I wikipedia everything.

Considered to hold mysteriously unique artistic and creative abilities unlike other signs
I love my Photography and being creative.

Often considered to be very intelligent individuals, they have a wide appreciation for the arts, philosophy, history and the natural sciences
I really do appreciate all of the above so this is so interesting!

They do not like boring people or routine procedures and therefore struggle to deal with authoritative figures
This is definitely not correct. I love routines and handle myself well with lots of different people.

They are enlightened to talk about any subject which they find interesting and where they can stimulate their naturally intellectual personalities
This is so true. Once I’m interested in a topic, I can speak endlessly about it with other people.

Geminis are noted to be drastic and hasty yet very responsible and disciplined
Yep. This is correct for me!

They are considered to be the most misunderstood of all signs due to their dual personality expressed by the twins of their sign. Because of this, don’t be surprised to often find Geminis in different moods and therefore mood swings can occur often for Geminis because of their high degree of mental processing and thinking. This makes them quite philosophical people.
I’m going to show my husband this one! 🙈 It’s not because of me that I have crazy mood swings… It’s my zodiac sign!

Geminis are sensitive but use their high intelligence to counter anything that upsets them
I’m definitely very sensitive but really try to not sweat the small stuff. 

This was so interesting! Most of the statements above are all correct for me. So in true Gemini fashion I’m going to research all about zodiac signs for the next few hours! 😄

Katie ❀

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