Something I Miss

At the moment, I strangely miss my childhood. I miss being that age where you’re still learning about the world and everything is new and wonderful.

Everyday, all I hear about is destruction and sadness. You never understand that when you’re young… well I didn’t anyway. It wasn’t until 2001 when I was 11 years old that things changed.

9/11 destroyed my innocence, like millions of others all over the world. Of course, I’d studied war and death in history at school but that day made it real. It was happening… history was happening right in front of me. I wanted to know everything about terrorism and war to just understand it.

In my learning, I realise now that I slowly stopped watching the Disney Channel and instead turned on the news every morning. I didn’t watch a cute movie every night but instead started watching the TV series ’24’ with my parents.

This little girl had been shocked into growing up and don’t get me wrong, at 11 years old it was going to happen at some point very soon but sometimes… I really miss my innocence.

Katie ❀

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