5 Ways To Win My Heart

I’m so lucky to have someone that won my heart so long ago!

Make me laugh
I love to laugh. Who doesn’t? So to have found someone who makes me laugh every day is so special. This is the main thing that attracted me to my husband and captured my attention.

Show interest
Friendship is the foundation to any relationship and when you’re true friends you show an interest in that person wholeheartedly. You need to be my biggest fan to win my heart.

Treat me
Buy me flowers. Chocolate. Take me out. Even just let me watch my show on TV or pick a movie. Sure it can be a little selfish but it’s not all the time…! Only to win my heart ♡

Long walks
There’s nothing better than taking a long walk, chatting and being silly together. We have lots of lovely memories of meaningful conversations whilst on one of our walks in the woods.

Be sincere
I truly believe in love at first sight. I just knew I would marry Joel since we met at 16 years old. Everything about our relationship was sincere. There was no way of faking our feelings for one another. So at the moment we could tell, that was it, the rest is history.

Katie ❀

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