10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

This is has been my passion since I was little but I’ve never taken it from a hobby to the next level. I just really enjoy capturing lovely photographs and sharing them.

I love sitting down with a hot cup of tea and watching a great movie. I’m obsessed with movie trivia, so once I’ve finished watching a movie I always research it on Wikipedia and IMDb.

Not only am I complete movie fanatic, I love soundtracks! It makes me super happy listening to them in my car or at home and completely calms me. Some may think this is totally strange and don’t get me wrong I may get embarrassed if someone asked me what I was listening to and it was the soundtrack to a random movie… but it does make me happy being in my own little dream world for a bit.

I love having flowers around the house. Fake or real I don’t mind as long as there’s a nice colour in an otherwise bland part of the house. It makes me instantly happy when I look through my flower board on Pinterest. I also love the section in Ekhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’ where it says that seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans… it’s an essential part of their innermost being, their true nature. It’s a fab book and if you haven’t read it yet you must!

I’ve been practicing yoga for just over a year and even if I just do some stretching for 15 minutes I feel totally blissful! It’s something that does make me very happy and I’m trying to incorporate this into my daily routine. That and meditation!

I love to read and open my mind to new ideas and perspectives. At the moment, I like reading “self help” books (mostly by Louise L Hay or Ekhart Tolle) to gain an insight into spiritual teachings. Once I get out a book, my stress levels diminish. I just need to make more time for it a few days a week!

Great conversations
There’s nothing better than having a good old chat! I love it and afterwards feel physically lighter! Even if I include myself in a debate; I never feel bad if I have an opinion to share and instantly feel gratified.

Watching sunset/sunrise
This is my favourite thing to do. Sometimes I just sit in our study and watch out the window as the sun goes down. They say that this is the moment you are fully present. It’s so true as I generally don’t think about other things, only that the sunset is gorgeous yet again. It made me so happy waking up very early in Australia once to watch the sunrise at the Byron Bay Lighthouse. A moment I will never forget.

Visiting castles and old houses
I love history more now than I did when I was at school, which I sometimes think is such a shame as who knows where this passion could have taken me?! 😋 I think I’m literally an old soul as I love visiting old castles and houses and just walking around their historic hallways.

Random acts of kindness
As I’m getting older, it makes me more happy doing nice things for someone without them knowing (not going to give away what those are 😉). To be honest, we all should be more like this generally but sometimes you don’t realise until you’re older and wiser.

Katie ❀

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