Summer Favourites

My summer consisted of an australian winter, working full time and dialling up my self love! It’s been a real mix and gone by so quickly. I can feel the season changing already and am really looking forward to cosy jumpers, ankle boots and scarfs. I used to think Summer was more my favourite season but I’m starting to think it’s definitely Autumn now!

These last few months have been full of adventures and there are certain items and people I have absolutely loved and wanted to share.
Summer Favourites | Katie StockerCanon G7X
I am totally in LOVE with my new camera! My parents and Joel bought this for my birthday and it’s already had so much use! I took it to Australia, one of my best friends hen party and our recent Devon trip. I’m also trying to get in the habit of using it for really mundane things to just capture random memories. The quality of the photos and videos are crazy good. What I loved most of all is it has wifi in-built, so whenever I’d been out taking photos I can instantly download them to my iPhone and then upload to Instagram. I would recommend this camera for sure but if not, just at least buy one with wifi! I will soon try and upload my own photography more to my blog instead of photos from google images and Pinterest etc. But at the moment, my life is going to be super full with a new job and I’ll need to get into a routine to find time for blog photography.

Summer Favourites | Katie Stocker

Melissa Ambrosini
She is my absolute girl crush of the summer. I can’t even remember how I found her but I like to think she found me. My life has been a mental struggle at the moment, I’ve been feeling down and a bit stressed out but Melissa is starting to change my life. Her book ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ is amazing and so insightful. She discusses that voice inside your head saying you’re not good enough and teaches you to combat her so you’re not living in a state of constant fear. I haven’t changed overnight but over the last few weeks of summer I’ve definitely felt more mindful to my mean girl. Mel’s really active on her blog and social media, especially Snapchat which is so lovely as it gives me a constant daily dose of positive energy. I’ve yet to finish reading the book but when I do I will be sure to leave a review. So far I am loving it and am trying to soak up every chapter rather than rushing through it. Check out her YouTube channel to watch some of her Goddess Groups!

Summer Favourites | Katie Stocker

Kora Organics
I have wanted Kora Organics products for YEARS! They unfortunately don’t ship to the UK (or if they do it’s super expensive – haven’t checked in a while) so as soon as we made it to Sydney it was Operation Kora! I bought two packs of products in the sale and think I’ll do a separate post all about each product (little teaser 😄). All you need to know now is they are very good products and smell totally delicious while being 100% organic and no animal testing; it doesn’t get more natural than these products by Miranda Kerr. If you can get anything from this range I would recommend highly that you do so.

Summer Favourites | Katie Stocker

The Gratitude Project
Angela Simson is a gorgeous human being! I love her Instagram and blog ‘The Gratitude Project’. Again, she’s my daily does of happiness and inspiration for self love. She’s a fantastic writer and I soak up every word she says! Her and her family also live in the Gold Coast, Australia which is now my life goal so I’m hoping one day we’ll be the best mates… of course… 😃 She’s currently expecting a little one and I’m so looking forward to her posts on baby no. 2. Check out her blog for total loveliness! I also have her self love month programme saved to my favourites.

Summer Favourites | Katie Stocker

Food Matters TV (FMTV)
One of the things Angela recommended on her blog was FMTV. It’s pretty much the healthy version of Netflix! The app and website are full of recipes, documentaries, yoga routines and movies. I usually get something up on my iPad whilst I’m cooking or washing up and get in a dose of goodness rather than watching crummy British TV all the time. It’s so refreshing and I’ve been loving over May, June, July and August ♡

Katie ❀

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