Life Update

These last few months have definitely been full to say the least and I can’t believe my last blog post was in April! A lot has happened in my life over these past few months and I wanted to give my blog a quick update and get back on track to sharing my life journey.

May – Birthday Trip to West Sussex

I turned 26 years old on the 26th May! It was a beautiful sunny day and originally we wanted to just spend it in Brighton but ended up heading to Arundel as well. It’s one of my all-time favourite places in the UK. It’s castle is spectacular and I recommend taking a visit there, especially if you’re a flower-lover like me. May was also tinged with extreme sadness as our beloved great granddad, GG, passed away at 96 years old. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye but we knew he led an amazing life full of love and gratitude. We miss you so much GG.

June – Australia

Our Australia trip started on 4th June and we visited Brisbane, Byron Bay, Noosa, Cairns, Mission Beach, Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach (longer than expected) and Sydney; then returned home on 24th June. It was the most amazing experience of my life! To spend 3 weeks with my Mum was so rewarding and it’s an adventure I will never forget. Joel also had an incredible time working with the England Rugby team. They won 3 out of 3 matches against Australia and for one of them, Mum and I were jumping and cheering around our Cairns hotel room, eating dominoes pizza and drinking Somersby Apple Cider…. it was the best. I was also able to use my new camera I got for my birthday, a Canon G7X! I got some great shots and videos that I could instantly upload to my phone and share on my Instagram. The photos below are a small collection of my favourites but I’ll be creating blog posts for each place we visited. Australia completely has our hearts and we’re already making future plans to move there one day… so watch this space!

July – Gratitude

When I got back from Australia, I knew I wanted to change some aspects of my life. We’ve been trying for a baby since November 2015 and after the first few months of trying we were really stressed about it. I’d been “late” a few times and we’d gotten our hopes up but then nature had other ideas. We then decided to just let go and not worry for a few months but then it still wasn’t happening. I started eating super healthily, practiced yoga more, meditation and drinking 2 litres of water everyday (which are things I should do anyway!) After 9 months of trying we know that conceiving for us obviously isn’t going to be as easy as most. We’ve let go of timing my ovulation days and taking the multivitamins, I now mostly just practice daily gratitude and eat healthily everyday. Maybe the reason we’re not conceiving is I have to take care of myself first. Perhaps this is the fates way of saying slow down and have this time just for you both. All I know is when it happens we will be so appreciative of our miracle baby. I know we’ve not struggled as much as others but it still doesn’t mean it didn’t kill me everyday seeing another woman pregnant. Now, I am so grateful to have my love and best friend at my side, our cute little house and our supportive and loving families.


In a few days time, Joel and I are off to Appledore in Devon and we’re so excited! It’ll be a lovely week away and we’re hoping the sun comes out for us.

I took a look back through my new years resolutions post and am doing quite well for over halfway through the year, although our Iceland visit might be one for 2017.

Katie ❀

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