Decorating Update

It’s been a tough ol’ week of continuous painting for us. I (very naievly) thought that painting all the walls white would take us a few days and we’d be in the house by the weekend! So as it’s taking us longer than expected, we decided we’ll pay a decorater to complete the bigger jobs.

All in all, the house is coming together nicely! I love it more and more every day. I just wish we could fast forward the decorating part but know it will be so worth it in the end.

Here’s some decorating photos of our first week in the new pad!

This photo was taken before the decorating madness! Our living room is lovely and spacious. I wanted all the walls white and we soon realised that this will actually take longer than first thought. (oops!)

White paint was my nemesis at this point. Once you start on a room, you have to totally persevere and keep going! Our porch now looks so much more bright and inviting.

This is the second bedroom and it was originally the brightest yellow we’d ever seen! Now it’s a gorgeous pure white. A couple of days ago I got a little worried that maybe having every room white was a bit too much but I realise once we have our furniture in and photos/decorations on the walls the place will look so nice and colourful.

Our bedroom is seriously going to need about 10 coats of paint! It was a dark purple so we’ll need to really make sure we really cover it up.

The kitchen was the first room we sorted and it’s looking so smart! I love the wood panelling that we painted a subtle grey.

As you can see, we only really have a little way to go. The house is in a great condition; I’m just in a bit of a nesting phase and want it looking perfect before we move in properly.

Katie ❀

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