What I Got For Christmas

I’ve seen these posts going round in the past few days and thought it’d be fun to share five of my favourite things I received this Christmas too!

I was a bit more organised this year and actually created a list of items I’d seen online that I would love. Pinterest is an excellent place to do this, so you can just keep a wish list and pin items you see online as and when.


So firstly, I got these gorgeous pyjamas from Marks and Spencers. They’re classy, stylish and really comfortable. I wouldn’t mind being caught midday by the postman in these pyjamas for sure! The Rosie for Autograph selection is literally blowing my mind… I would love everything from her range.

I have been burning my new Yankee Candle everyday since Christmas. Cinnamon Stick is such a nice scent and great for those cold evenings in blog writing! 😉


Next up were these beautiful daisy stud earrings my husband got from notonthehighstreet.com. These were on my wish list for ages as I bought them originally for my friend’s 30th birthday. She loved them and they looked so cute so I had to match! They go with every outfit and I’m wearing them all the time at the moment. They’re also on sale now! (Typical)

Euphoria by Calvin Klein was literally my go-to scent for every occasion a few years ago but I wanted to venture out and try new brands. My sister was using up the last of her Euphoria bottle a few weeks before Christmas and I fell in love with it all over again. It seems as though we just needed a little break but found our way back together again (haha!) It’s the loveliest scent and I am guaranteed a compliment if I’m wearing it (which is always a nice confidence boost!) so I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new. Be warned though, it’ll stay with you for years to come! ♡


Lastly, I’ve had my Harry Potter books for years (like most people I’m sure) but my copies are completely over-read with sand still in the pages from all the holidays I’ve brought them on. One day I was reading a blog posts of Tanya Burr’s and (I really don’t know how I noticed this!) I saw a different cover copy of one of the books in the corner of a photograph. It was amazing and I did some research and found them on Amazon! The covers on these are so CUTE! I know that really shouldn’t matter but I figured it’ll be lovely to have nice copies of the books to have up in our kids bedrooms one day. I’m not expecting them to stay perfect but if you could see my original copies… you’d understand.

So I’ve been a really lucky girl this year… I got a back massager and a new yoga mat; a load of lovely things for our new house and advice books on married life! All in all I will definitely be keeping up my wish list again for 2016 and have convinced most of my family to do the same.

Katie ❀

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