Who Inspires Me?

Over the past couple of years I’ve looked to women for inspiration, whether it be for my home life, fashion, beauty or general wellbeing. I personally believe looking up to these women has helped me discover the type of woman/mother/wife I want to be. So I hope this list serves a purpose for other girls also looking for some guidance. ♡


Miranda Kerr. I honestly just love her. She seems like the loveliest person you’ll ever meet and her books ‘Treasure Yourself’ and ‘Empower Yourself’ really helped me find direction for my life. I wish I had had the chance to read books like these growing up! She knows exactly who she is and what impact she wants on the world and I admire that so much. She’s also a wonderful mother to her little boy Flynn, a yoga lover and trained in nutrition and health psychology. She just inspires me to be the best version of myself. 


Teresa Palmer. Graceful, intelligent and loving are all traits I am learning from Teresa. I watched a video of hers a few years ago talking about how she would love to become a mother. I was amazed at how honest she was in saying that she wanted to have a baby soon. I’d never heard anyone speak in that way and express that their life goal is to have a child. I had always felt that way too but never admitted it to anyone. So she made me feel empowered! I’m so grateful to be a woman and one day give the gift of life! She now has her lovely little boy Bodhi and seems so completely content with her life. Teresa’s advice videos on her YouTube channel Your Zen Life are so raw and refreshing that you feel like you are in the room with her sat down for some big sister advice! She inspires me to embrace nature, experiences and life as a gift.


Anna Saccone Joly. I became a little obsessed with vloggers on YouTube and (of course) started with Zoella. One day she uploaded a video with a little family called the Saccone Jolys. I quickly started to invest more and more time watching their videos and have grown to absolutely love them! It’s so funny catching up with their vlogs whenever I can and watching their sweet children Emilia and Eduardo grow! As I want to be a parent myself one day (hopefully soon) I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from Anna as a parent raising children in the UK. They are extreme family goals! Anna inspires me to be honest, real and keep a sense of style even with two toddlers!

Katie ❀

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